League of Legends: Top Five Top Laners on Patch 10.2

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Patch 10.2 hit live servers last week and shifted the meta across all lanes. Here are the five strongest top lane champions in League of Legends right now.

Often referred to as “the island”, top lane mains have often found life difficult in League of Legends. Left in the 1v1 as junglers favor the bot lane as a target for ganks, the game doesn’t really start until the 15-minute mark for top laners, and even then it could immediately end as they come face to face with fed enemy champions.

That’s been improving over time with the introduction and improvement of carry top laners who have slowly reclaimed their territory and overthrown the boring, annoying tanks. As a result, carry champions dominate the top lane tier list on Patch 10.2, and are all that can be found in our top five:

5) Camille

Perhaps the ultimate carry top, Camille is designed to farm up and take over the game in the later stages. The Steel Shadow is an unmatched duellist and has one of the strongest team fight ultimates in the game, completely separating an opposition squishy from their team with the push of a button.

These factors make her a high priority pick amongst top lane players in solo queue (5.4% play rate) and also allow her to dominate the late game and pick up more wins in a slow-paced meta. At a 52.25% win rate, it’s clear that Camille is a little out-of-tune right now and needs rebalancing, but why should that stop you playing her in solo queue and grabbing some free wins?

4) Kled

Yet another strong top lane champion with a hugely impactful team fight ultimate. If you’re bored of teammates that refuse to group up and team fight, then Kled might be the champion for you. Press R and begin the Chaaaaaaaarge!!! and they’ll have no choice but to join you in your journey towards the enemy team.

Clearly, this isn’t Kled’s only strength though, as proven by his impressive 52.58% win rate on Patch 10.2. When in lane, it’s difficult to create an opportunity to kill Kled due to his Passive – Skaarl the Cowardly Lizard. On top of that, you’re permanently vulnerable to ganks thanks to his Jousting-Beartrap on a Rope set-up.

Add that to the fact that you’re always wary of his ultimate charging you down in the late game and it’s obvious why Kled is such a sought after top laner in the current meta.

3) Mordekaiser

The overpowered preseason top lane trio may have been broken up with Garen’s Patch 9.24 nerfs, but Mordekaiser and Darius still remain at the top of the tier list in Season 10.

It’s impossible to trade with Morde. Darkness Rise will whittle you down whenever you attempt to get in range to duel, and even if you avoid that, he’ll just drag you in with Death’s Grasp anyway. His damage is insane, his ultimate has huge team fight potential, and his 29.2% ban rate tells you all you need to know about how the community feels about the Iron Revenant right now.

2) Darius

Take the previous paragraph and replace “Morde” with “Darius”. Once again, Darius has extremely high damage, is impossible to trade against, and can roll over a team if allowed to build a gold lead.

Darius’ strengths are a little less subtle though as he’s currently at a 52.08% win rate and 34.1% ban rate which will undoubtedly have the balance team targeting the champion over the next few patches.

1) Sett

As is the case with EVERY new champion released by Riot, Sett is a broken mess in his first week of solo queue. If you want to learn him, it might be best heading into private matches with friends, because right now he’s mostly invisible with a 55.8% ban rate on Patch 10.2.

Appropriately nicknamed “The Boss”, Sett is currently the strongest top lane champion in League of Legends right now. Whether his insane 56.06% win rate is a case of players not knowing his kit or his over-tuned numbers (or, the most likely option, both) remains to be seen.

If you’re looking to climb the solo queue ladder right now it’s probably better to just ban Sett, forget he exists until he receives changes, and pick one of the other four in this list.

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Who is your favorite top laner in League of Legends right now? Who would you like to see receive buffs on Patch 10.3? Let us know in the comments!