LCS: Spring Split 2020 Power Rankings for Week 1

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Wildturtle of FlyQuest. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

5. Immortals (1-1)

Elo: 394 (+49)

They’re high on this list by virtue of the fact that they beat TSM, a team most people thought would be top three this year, and that’s it. TSM lost that game to Immortals by virtue of their own poor play and Immortals got routed by FlyQuest the day before to prove that this team is really not going to be much to look at this year. They have the second-lowest K:D ratio, third-lowest gold percentage ratio, second-lowest gold per minute, and second worst gold differential at 15. Do not buy their stock, especially with a game against Cloud9 on the horizon.

4. Team Liquid (1-1)

Elo: 395 (-22)

Liquid fans, you should start worrying just a bit. I mean, your strength of schedule this weekend did you no favors but in all honesty, you should be 0-2 after TSM gifted you a win. This team was the best early game team in the LCS last year, yet they’re averaging nearly 1,000 gold deficit at 15 minutes.

The worst part, for Team Liquid (“TL”) fans, is that I don’t think that Shernfire played all that badly in either game. Yes, getting Broxah will be an upgrade, for sure, but they’re playing two unbeaten teams this weekend in FlyQuest and Dignitas. Both those teams look like they can challenge TL and given how poorly they did against a TSM team that looks like a pretender, Liquid could actually start the season 1-3 (and honestly would deserve to be 0-4).

3. FlyQuest (2-0)

Elo: 565 (+182)

A lot of people who aren’t me are shocked by how well FlyQuest did in their opening weekend, taking wins off Immortals and CLG. While people are quick to point out that Immortals will still likely end up being terrible and CLG looked abysmal this weekend, a look at the numbers shows that FlyQuest didn’t just beat these teams, they destroyed them.

FlyQuest has the second-highest gold differential at 15 (just under 1,100 gold) and has the second-best gold per minute of all teams. Now, I do wish their gold differential per minute was a bit better (it’s third-best at 282) considering the talent level of the teams they faced. I don’t think they’ll remain above teams like TL or EG for long, but I do feel confident about picking them as one of my bubble playoff teams.

2. Cloud9 (2-0)

Elo: 580 (+196)

I’ll admit it, I was wrong about Cloud9. I thought they had lost too much talent in Svenskeren and Sneaky, but they proved me wrong last weekend.

This team dismantled TL and cruised past Golden Guardians to their wins, averaging under 29 minutes in their win time. With the highest GPM as a team and the best gold differential per minute, as well as the best vision control, Cloud9 definitely looks like their pieces are all synergizing very well. That’s very bad news for Immortals and 100 Thieves, who have to play them next.

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1. Dignitas (2-0)

Elo: 589 (+240)

And I was even more wrong about Dignitas, who I had as outside the playoffs but looks like an absolutely dominant team (as dominant as you can look through two games). With a 4.5 K:D ratio, they’re massively ahead of the pack, their early game is clean (averaging 1,000 gold ahead at 15) and their vision control is supreme.

Plus, they took down two teams most thought would be relatively strong CLG (looking a bit less impressive now) and EG (still looks impressive to me). With Johnsun looking like he could be the next promising NA talent (thank god) and Grig actually doing things now that he’s not on TSM, this team has the firepower to be dangerous.