How the LEC Would Look If Player Rankings Decided Rosters

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

What would the LEC look like if line-ups were built based on individual player rankings from the start of the season? Here are the ten teams!

Recently I wrote an article theorizing what the LCS would look like if rosters were based on preseason player rankings for each position. So, it only seems fair to do the same with the LEC!

Here are ten LEC teams ranked 1-10 consisting of five players ranked 1-10 in their respective roles. The Rank 10 Team is made up of players ranked 10th in the preseason rankings, Rank 9 9th, and so on.

Will the Rank 2 team have a chance to overthrow the Rank 1 team in terms of player skill? What would the LEC standings look like if these were the new rosters? Let’s take a look:

Rank 10 Team

Top Lane: Dan Dan
Jungle: Shadow
Mid Lane: Ronaldo
AD Carry: Bvoy
Support: Denyk

This team is pretty much the Misfits Gaming roster, who aren’t expected to do much in the LEC this season.

Bvoy is the only non-rookie on the roster, yet he hasn’t seen any time in the LEC as arrived from Latin America in the offseason. This roster might have some potential, but for now, they just need to gain experience on the LEC stage.

Rank 9 Team

Top Lane: Sacre
Jungle: Razork
Mid Lane: Jenax
AD Carry: Carzzy
Support: Jactroll

This team doesn’t look very impressive. Granted it has more experience than the Rank 10 team with Jactroll, Sacre, and Jenax. It also has a pair of SK Gaming players to form a little bit of synergy, however, this team is still really weak.

Rank 8 Team

Top Lane: Odoamne
Jungle: Gilius
Mid Lane: Mickey
AD Carry: Crownshot
Support: Kaiser

This team is full of veterans, yet none of them stand out as star carry players. I don’t think they will perform any better than their ranking would dictate.

Rank 7 Team

Top Lane: Orome
Jungle: Skeanz
Mid Lane: Abbedagge
AD Carry: Comp
Support: Destiny

This is a mixed team of veterans and rookies. Three-fifths of the roster are rookies though, which might bring about some question marks.

Another question for this team is how will Destiny play as an import from the OPL? He did go to worlds in 2019 with Mammoth, but how will play transfer over to a tougher region like the LEC?

Rank 6 Team

Top Lane: Finn
Jungle: Caedrel
Mid Lane: Milica
Support: LIMIT

The big story here is the return of FORG1VEN to the LEC after two years. He is partnered with rookie support LIMIT, which might slow the return back to top form.

Caedrel and Finn will offer some veteran experience though, that should be enough to carry them to a playoff spot.

Rank 5 Team

Top Lane: Expect
Jungle: Trick
Mid Lane: Humanoid
AD Carry: Hans Sama
Support: Dreams

This is a fairly solid lineup. They don’t really stand out as being the best in their roles, but they are all more than capable on the Rift.

I won’t be surprised if Hans Sama had a comeback year to really propel this team forward in the standings. I could also see Humanoid continue to build on a solid rookie year and move up the ranking list.

Rank 4 Team

Top Lane: Cabochard
Jungle: Inspired
Mid Lane: Nukeduck
AD Carry: Patrik
Support: Vander

This is another solid LEC line-up of strong established players. I just get the feeling that they just don’t quite have the one thing that makes them contenders for the top spot in the league.

I could see them winning third place and going to Worlds despite the fact that they’re currently placed fourth in this ranking.

Rank 3 Team

Top Lane: Bwipo
Jungle: Selfmade
Mid Lane: Larssen
AD Carry: Upset
Support: Norskeren

Upset was a player on many teams’ radars in 2019. He anchors a strong roster of established LEC players.

This roster doesn’t seem to have any spots that you would worry about, yet might feel like it lacks something to lead them to win the league. Though I would proceed with caution if you’re one of the top two teams, as this roster can definitely compete with you.

Rank 2 Team

Top Lane: Alphari
Jungle: Xerxe
Mid Lane: Nemesis
AD Carry: Rekkles
Support: Hylissang

This team consists mainly of Fnatic members who make up three-fifths of the roster. The Fnatic bottom lane duo stays intact, while they are also joined by Nemesis in the mid lane after a strong rookie year.

Joining this core are two second-team All-Pros from LEC Summer 2019 in Xerxe and Alphari.

While this lineup has a lot of firepower is it enough to take out G2? I think it isn’t quite there, but it should still be a team to watch for high levels of play.

Rank 1 Team

Top Lane: Wunder
Jungle: Jankos
Mid Lane: PERKZ
AD Carry: Caps
Support: Mikyx

It’s the full G2 lineup, but I don’t actually have any issues with this, the way they dominate Europe as a team is something to behold.

It’s hard to argue that the team that made up the entire first-team LEC All-Pro awards list for Summer 2019, as well as winning MSI, and being the runner-ups at the World Championship wouldn’t rate as the best team in this ranking.

LCS teams by preseason rankings list. dark. Next

The LEC ranking list of teams did change the rosters around a good bit. It was interesting to know despite the shuffling the top team stayed 100 percent intact and the second-place team is mostly an untouched Fnatic roster.

I feel like a lot of these thrown together teams by ranking would struggle with those synergies and G2 will continue with business as usual winning the league.