LEC Spring Split 2020 Week 3 Recap: Misfits Climb to Second

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

The LEC standings took an interesting turn after the latest set of results! Here’s a look at how MAD Lions and Misfits rose to second place in our Week 3 Recap!

We’re just six games into the 2020 LEC Spring Split regular season and a two-win gap has already opened up at the top of the table. G2 Esports have unsurprisingly re-established themselves as the strongest team in European League of Legends, but some shocks can be found further down the standings.

After 2-0 records in Week 3, both MAD Lions and Misfits Gaming have climbed up the table to joint 2nd place alongside Fnatic and Origen. Close behind them are fellow playoff hopefuls Excel Esports and Rogue who round out a clear “top seven” in the LEC so far.

Further down you’ll find the 2-4 SK Gaming with two victories against Europe’s bottom sides, Schalke 04 and Team Vitality, who are STILL searching for their first win of the decade despite having played twelve matches between them.

As we approach the halfway mark of the Spring Split, it’s becoming clear which teams are capable of qualifying for playoffs and which teams will have to wait until the Summer Split for redemption. But, will that all change in Week 4?

Week 3 Results

Day 1

MAD Lions 1 – 0 SK Gaming
Schalke 04 0 – 1 Misfits Gaming
Fnatic 1 – 0 Excel Esports
Team Vitality 0 – 1 Origen
Rogue 0 – 1 G2 Esports

Day 2

Schalke 04 0 – 1 SK Gaming
Excel Esports 1 – 0 Team Vitality
Rogue 0 – 1 MAD Lions
Misfits Gaming 1 – 0 Origen
G2 Esports 1 – 0 Fnatic

Performance of the Week

G2 Esports 1 – 0 Fnatic

Despite MAD Lions’ 2-0 weekend and upset victory over Rogue, and despite Misfits Gaming’s 2-0 weekend and upset victory over Rogue, G2 Esports pick up the performance of the week for their emphatic triumph over title rivals Fnatic.

From minute one G2 continued to showcase their aggressive playstyle and never allowed Fnatic a moment to breathe. There were a few individual errors that Fnatic took full advantage of to keep the gold difference close, but G2 came out on top in the end due to their renowned team fight superiority.

Nemesis’ Veigar may have been a highlight of the Match of the Week, but PERKZ’s Ryze was the real star of the show, deservedly claiming the Player of the Game award.

Player of the Week

Misfits Gaming – Iván “Razork” Martín Díaz

Misfits’ turnaround from a winless first week to four undefeated is the biggest shock of the season so far and is representative of the roster’s maturity despite their limited experience on the LEC stage. While it has certainly been a team effort, one player stands out amongst the rest as the key instigator for his team in their climb to the playoff spots.

The relatively unknown Razork signed for Misfits Gaming during the offseason after a successful 2019 as part of the EU Masters Summer runners-up Vodafone Giants.

Week 1 was a disappointment for Misfits’ new recruit as he failed to make an impact on the map in losses against Rogue and Fnatic, but since then he’s gone from strength to strength, guiding his team to glory in Weeks 2 and 3. Although he’s only picked up one Player of the Game award over the line-up’s four-game winning streak, it’s clear how much of a difference the Spanish jungler has made throughout the early game for his team.

In Misfits’ first game of Week 3, Razork’s Lee Sin combined with Dan Dan’s Aatrox and Febiven’s Diana to control the center of the map early on and set up for key objectives in the mid game against a very poor Schalke 04 side.

Then on Day 2, Razork was vital to his team’s early game lead against Origen, boasting a 5/0/0 scoreline on Gragas after just 23 minutes, and picking up an upset victory against one of the LEC’s most impressive teams.

If Razork continues to show this same level of form in for the rest of the Spring Split, then Misfits fans will be confident of securing a playoff qualification spot by the end of the regular season, and potentially challenging the top three in the league.

Standings After Week 3

1. G2 Esports (6 – 0)

2. Fnatic (4 – 2)
3. MAD Lions (4 – 2)
4. Misfits Gaming (4 – 2)
5. Origen (4 – 2)

6. Rogue (3 – 3)
7. Excel Esports (3 – 3)

8. SK Gaming (2 – 4)

9. Schalke 04 (0 – 6)
10. Team Vitality (0 – 6)

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The LEC returns on Valentine’s Day with Schalke 04 vs. Rogue kicking off Week 4! Catch Ready Check from 17:30 CET on the LEC Twitch channel and LoL Esports YouTube channel!