LCS Spring Split 2020: Week 6 Team Power Rankings

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

5. TSM (6-6)

Elo: 365 (-60)

It’s impossible for me to overstate how bad Week 6 was for TSM more than I already had, so I’ll just say one final word on the subject. Had TSM merely split their games, losing to Liquid and beating CLG, their elo would be 398, meaning they’d still be the third-ranked team. They’d also be 7-5, one game ahead of the pack in the LCS with six games to go (three of those, by the way, are against teams rated ahead of them in the standings).

4. Team Liquid (6-6)

Elo: 380 (+42)

Left for dead just a few weeks ago, Liquid took a 2-0 week that brought them into our top five for the first time since Week 2. Now right in the middle of the soup, TL has jumped up to be one of the best teams, statistically in the LCS. They are the second-best rated early game team per Oracle’s Elixir and they have the second-highest gold per minute of any LCS team at 1731, all on the back of this week’s strong performance.

3. Dignitas (5-7)

Elo: 389 (-13)

Dignitas is one of those teams that the stats, record, and elo all disagree on. The record says Dignitas is a below-average, the statistics say that they could be among the worst teams in the LCS (their early game rating is the worst for any LCS team per Oracle’s Elixir), but their elo says they are among the best.

Looking at the remaining schedule, Dignitas will only have to play one team in the current top five, TSM in Week 9. That means that Dignitas will have plenty of chances to prove that their lackluster statistics were weighed down by playing tough competition and pick up some needed wins.

2. FlyQuest (8-4)

Elo: 473 (+3)

FlyQuest lost to Cloud9, which is unsurprising, before beating Dignitas to all-but secure their spot as the second seed in the LCS playoffs. While they will still have to play TL and TSM before the year is out, they have an incredibly favorable schedule heading down the stretch and a two game lead on the rest of the pack. FlyQuest is almost guaranteed to make the playoffs and continues to be the surprise to many this year.

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1. Cloud9 (12-0)

Elo: 585 (+10)

At this point it’s becoming repetitive to sing Cloud9’s praises, but here they are again after dominating against FlyQuest and Dignitas this weekend. They’ll face TSM and Golden Guardians next weekend and at this point the only team that really looks like it could possibly challenge the 18-0 dream is Team Liquid in Week 9. Or TSM this weekend if TSM remembers how to draft well and play League of Legends.