TFT: Ranking Every Single Unit in Set 3

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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TFT Little Legend. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
TFT Little Legend. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

2-Cost Champions

1. Shen

Origin: Chrono (5/5)
Class: Blademaster (3/5)

Synergy: Chrono works great with any on-hit or auto-attacker, so these two do synergize very well. The problem is that Shen’s ultimate makes him seem like more of a supportive unit, rather than the damage dealer these should help him be. (4/5)

Ultimate (Future’s Refuge):  Creates a zone around himself that follows him for 3 / 4 / 6 seconds, allowing adjacent allies to dodge all incoming basic attacks. While active, gains 20 / 40 / 60 magic resistance. (5/5)

Overall rating: 17/20

2. Sona

Origin: Rebel (4/5)
Class: Mystic (4/5)

Synergy: While these two synergies don’t help each other, they both help Sona and they will both be good in almost all situations. (4/5)

Ultimate (Aria of Perseverance): Heals 2 / 3 / 5 injured allies for 160 / 200 / 240 health and cleanses them of all negative effects. (4/5)

Overall rating: 16/20

3. Yasuo

Origin: Rebel (4/5)
Class: Blademaster (3/5)

Synergy: Similar to Sona, these traits don’t synergize together but they’re flexibile and can always be useful. (4/5)

Ultimate (Last Breath): Blinks to the enemy with the most items and knocks them up, holding them airborne for 1 second and hitting them 4 / 5 / 6 times, dealing basic attack damage and applying on-hit effects with each hit. (5/5)

Overall rating: 16/20

4. Annie

Origin: Mech-Pilot (5/5)
Class: Sorcerer (5/5)

Synergy: The synergies are both really good on their own, but they don’t combo together or add much to Annie’s arsenal other than Sorcerer. (2/5)

Ultimate (Galaxy Shield Blast):  Shields herself for 225 / 300 / 525 for up to 4 seconds and blasts a cone of fire, dealing 150 / 200 / 350 magic damage to enemies hit. (3/5)

Overall rating: 15/20

5. Kai’Sa

Origin: Valkyrie (3/5)
Class: Infiltrator (3/5)

Synergy: This is another solid combo for an assassin-type unit. Valkyrie gives you guaranteed crits on targets below 50% HP and Infiltrator obviously plays like an assassin. (5/5)

Ultimate (Missile Rain): Launches 6 / 8 / 12 missiles towards each nearby enemy in 2-hex range that deal 50 magic damage each, up to 300 / 400 / 600 magic damage. (3/5)

Overall rating: 14/20

6. Ahri

Origin: Star Guardian (1/5)
Class: Sorcerer (5/5)

Synergy: The exact same synergy that Zoe has and with a high-damage spell this should benefit Ahri equally. (4/5)

Ultimate (Orb of Deception): Fires an orb in a 4-hex line, dealing 150 / 225 / 400 magic damage to all enemies it passes through. The orb then returns to her, dealing 150 / 225 / 400 true damage to all enemies it passes through. (4/5)

Overall rating: 14/20

7. Blitzcrank

Origin: Chrono (5/5)
Class: Brawler (1/5)

Synergy: This is a good synergy for a front-liner, like Jarvan. However, it sacrifices your own tankiness for a bonus to the team with Chrono. (3/5)

Ultimate (Rocket Grab):  Pulls the farthest enemy into melee range, dealing 300 / 400 / 800 magic damage and stunning them for 2.5 seconds. Additionally, his next basic attack knocks up his target for 1 second. Allies within range will prioritize attacking that enemy. (5/5)

Overall rating: 14/20

8. Rakan

Origin: Celestial (4/5)
Class: Protector (1/5)

Synergy: Great synergies for a supportive unit, likely only out-classed by something like Mystic or Chrono. (4/5)

Ultimate (Grand Entrance): Dashes to a target then leaps into the air, knocking the target up for 1 second and dealing 150 / 250 / 350 magic damage to all adjacent enemies in 2-hex radius and stunning them for 1.5 seconds. (5/5)

Overall rating: 14/20

9. Xin Zhao

Origin: Celestial (4/5)
Class: Protector (1/5)

Synergy: These are the exact same synergies Rakan has, and he has CC on his ability which is also similar to Rakan. However, with his ultimate you would probably want him more as an offensive unit than defensive. (4/5)

Ultimate (Three Talon Strike): Quickly strikes his target three times, dealing basic attack damage and applying on-hit effects. The third strike deals 175 / 250 / 400 bonus magic damage and knocks his target up for 1.5 seconds. (3/5)

Overall rating: 12/20

10. Mordekaiser

Origin: Dark Star (2/5)
Class: Vanguard (2/5)

Synergy: Again, a very good synergy for a supportive front-line, but this is outclassed by the synergies that Poppy and Malphite have. (3/5)

Ultimate (Indestructible): Gains a shield that absorbs 400 / 600 / 1000 damage. While the shield persists, deals 50 / 75 / 125 magic damage per second to all nearby enemies for 8 seconds. (5/5)

Overall rating: 12/20

11. Darius

Origin: Space Pirate (1/5)
Class: Mana-Reaver (4/5)

Synergy: Mana-Reaver is a good synergy on its own (and Space Pirate sucks) but neither really contributes to each other or Darius to make him more powerful. (1/5)

Ultimate (Dreadnoval Guillotine):  Dunks an enemy, dealing 300 / 400 / 700 magic damage. If the target is below 50% health, it deals double damage. If this kills the target, he immediately casts again. (5/5)

Overall rating: 11/20

12. Lucian

Origin: Cybernetic (2/5)
Class: Blaster (2/5)

Synergy: These two synergies are actually in somewhat of opposition. Cybernetic discourages you from stacking items on a few carries, while Blaster would indicate that you want items on a carry like Lucian. Blaster is good for him, but his Origin hinders what he wants to do and get full value out of his kit. (2/5)

Ultimate (Relentless Pursuit): Dashes away from the current target and then attacks twice. The first attack is a standard basic attack that deals physical damage, while the second deals 175 / 225 / 400 magic damage. (3/5)

Overall rating: 7/20