League of Legends Patch 10.6 Notes: BIG Teleport Changes

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Senna, League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /



"Passive – The Darkin Scythe At 10-13 minutes into the game, Kayn will increase his orb gain speed by 15%, rising throughout the duration."

Kayn’s impact on the map is severely limited by how fast he can transform and so he currently suffers from an abysmal 47.57% win rate on Patch 10.5.

This change is obviously looking to change that, but with the number of strong early game champions in the jungle meta right now, it’s very difficult for Kayn to maneuver around the first ten minutes without falling significantly behind.

However, any improvement to the Shadow Reaper’s kit will see an increase in win rate, and while this won’t propel Kayn into a top tier jungler, it’ll certainly have jungle mains picking him up and testing him out on Patch 10.6.


"Base Stats Attack Damage Growth: 2.26 -> 2.5 W – Wolf’s Frenzy Missing Health Restored: 32-100 -> 49-100 R – Lamb’s Respite Heal: 200/250/300 -> 250/325/400"

These buffs are an attempt to lift Kindred from the B tier of the jungle meta to S/A tier as they currently sit just above a 50% win rate.

An almost irrelevant AD per level buff could be ignored, if not for the very exciting Wolf’s Frenzy and Lamb’s Respite buffs that accompany it. Increased W healing improves Kindred’s sustain in the jungle and dueling power, while a +50/+75/+100 ultimate heal could have an impact on team fights if used on multiple allies.

Overall, these aren’t massive buffs, but they will definitely improve Kindred and their ability to clear the jungle and trade with opponents in the early to mid game. We’ll probably see a lot more Kindred in games on Patch 10.6 and beyond as junglers try out the champion and possibly add them to their champion pool going forward.


"Base Stats Movement Speed: 330 -> 335 E – Black Shield Shield: 60/120/180/240/300 -> 80/135/190/245/300"

At 47.46%, Morgana’s win rate is currently the lowest of any support on the game. These buffs are an attempt to improve that.

+5 movement speed isn’t huge but will aid Morgana to land key Dark Bindings every so often as she can close the gap between herself and fleeing foes. As for the Black Shield buffs, these are pretty irrelevant as the shield is utilized as more of a crowd control blocker than a magic damage shield.

Ultimately, these changes will have no real impact on Morgana or her win rate, so expect little to change on Patch 10.6.


"Base Stats Mana Regen per Level: 0.8 -> 1 W – Rune Prison Damage: 80/100/120/140/160 -> 80/110/140/170/200"

Despite being a powerful flex pick and having high damage in the late game, Ryze is struggling in solo queue at the moment with a very poor 44.93% win rate.

Mana regen per level buffs are pretty pointless on Ryze as he rarely struggles for mana after picking up 2/3 items. But, as Rune Prison is a key component of every Ryze spell rotation, a small buff in damage could be helpful in lifting him from the foot of the mid lane tier list.

That being said, Rune Prison is the final skill to receive any level up points, making this change completely pointless until Level 14, at which point +10/+40 damage on a single ability is not even noticeable.

These changes achieve nothing.


"Passive – Absolution AD per Soul: 1 -> 0.75 Weakened Soul Cooldown per Champion: 4 seconds -> 6/5/4 seconds"

Another patch, another Senna Absolution change. It’s become routine for the value of Senna’s Mist to change week on week and as a result, her role in the bot lane continues to change as well.

After these changes, Senna will receive fewer souls from champions, and they’ll grant less AD. Obviously, this makes the champion less powerful, but she’s already so far ahead of the alternatives that it will have little impact.

Expect Senna’s high bot lane presence to continue for a while longer.


"R – Hallucinate Clone Auto Attack Damage: 75% AD -> 60% AD"

However annoying it may be, Shaco’s clone doesn’t pose a real threat in terms of DPS, especially at higher elos. Nevertheless, reducing any form of damage from a champion that currently sits at a 52.80% win rate is positive.

He’ll remain S tier, he’ll maintain a 50%+ win rate, but Shaco’s power level has fallen a touch on Patch 10.6.