League of Legends: One For All Tier List 2020

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Perseus Pantheon, League of Legends
League of Legends, courtesy of Riot Games /

C Tier

C-: Ashe, Evelynn, Fiddlesticks, Katarina, Kindred, Nami, Nidalee, Rammus, Tristana, Vayne

C: Alistar, Anivia, Aurelion Sol, Cassiopeia, Corki, Draven, Hecarim, Janna, Karma, Leona, Ornn, Rengar, Rumble, Skarner, Syndra, Taliyah, Twisted Fate, Varus, Viktor, Ziggs

C+: Jinx, Kog’Maw, Lulu, Nautilus, Nunu & Willump, Senna, Sivir, Tahm Kench, Udyr, Vladimir, Warwick, Zoe

Fiddlesticks (C- Tier)
Patch 10.6 is likely to be the last time to play pre-rework Fiddlesticks, so why not send him out with a bang by locking him in for One for All games?

He’s pretty useless pre-level 6, but once all five members have access to Crowstorm it becomes chaos. Land all five ultimates in a team fight and your opponents will explode.

Ornn (C Tier)
The crowd control chain provided by five Ornns is nightmare fuel no doubt, but they don’t offer much more than that. Sure, if you get knocked up by one you’re basically dead, but if you keep your distance and play around cooldowns he’s very manageable in team fights.

Senna (C+ Tier)
Senna needs time to scale up and doesn’t deal much damage until the later stages of the game which is near impossible to reach in a chaotic game mode like One for All.

However, landing five Dawning Shadows at once is guaranteed to blow up your opponents, so maybe she’s worth a try?

B Tier

B-: Blitzcrank, Galio, Gnar, Gragas, Kassadin, LeBlanc, Mordekaiser, Orianna, Sett, Shaco, Twitch, Veigar

B: Aatrox, Akali, Ezreal, Kai’Sa, Kayle, Kha’Zix, Lucian, Malzahar, Master Yi, Shyvana, Swain, Sylas

B+: Annie, Camille, Cho’Gath, Jayce, Kayn, Nasus, Olaf, Pantheon, Poppy, Shen, Zyra

Sett (B- Tier)
As explained earlier, One for All is a game mode that relies on strong ultimate synergy. This is something that five Setts will almost certainly lack.

Repeatedly throwing out Haymakers is going to deal a ton of damage, but when it comes to team fights champions are going to be Show Stopper’d left and right, making it very difficult to shut down individual enemies.

Sylas (B Tier)
Sylas may be the only champion whose One for All power level relies on the enemy champion. Yes, Sylas can deal and heal lots of damage with Chain Lash and Kingslayer, but Hijack is a very situational ability depending on who you’re facing.

Up against a Qiyana or Wukong? You can put up a fight. Playing against Nidalee or Zoe? Good luck!

Pantheon (B+ Tier)
This is the first opportunity for reworked Pantheon to show off his skills in One for All and the prospect of five Grand Starfalls landing in the same position is something we’re all eagerly anticipating.

Comet Spear has the potential to be one of the most annoying abilities in the new game mode with five champions throwing them out for poke almost permanently, making it very difficult to dodge. Combine that with Aegis Assault and Pantheon may be a very tricky customer.