TFT: Teamfight Tactics Guide for Beginners Part 1, the Basics

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have played League of Legends to play Teamfight Tactics?

You absolutely can play TFT without having ever played a game of League of Legends. Yes, the characters and their abilities are lifted from League of Legends, but these are two different types of games. In League of Legends, you continuously control one character, while in TFT you just put out the right combination of characters and let them battle.

Knowing what the abilities in TFT do in League of Legends can be helpful to know how it will generally work. However, most of the champions’ abilities only work similarly to how they do in League, not the same. These are two different games of two different genres, being good at one does not make you good at the other.

How do I know which units and comps are the right ones to build?

Generally, there is no purely right comp to build in a game. There are comps that are better or worse than others in most situations (which we at Blog of Legends break down every patch), but if you follow the above guidelines you can at least form a coherent comp that should work. Also, feel free to try out several different comps to see if there’s one that works for you more often!

How do I play the mobile version?

TFT Mobile drops on March 19 and will be available for download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play store for free! All you’ll need to do is download the app, log into your existing Riot Games account or create one if you don’t have one (you just need a valid e-mail) and you’re good to go! If you’re worried about specs, though, here are the minimum requirements for a phone to run TFT:

  • For iOS – iPhone 6S or above
  • For Android
    • OS 7 or higher
    • Minimum 1.5G RAM
    • 64-bit hardware/chipset
    • Phone ABI of either arm64-v8a or x86_64 variety
    • Phone OpenGL ES version 3.0 or higher

So TFT is free? Like do I have to spend money on anything?

Nope. Just like League of Legends TFT is completely free to download and play. You do have the option to spend your money on cosmetics like Little Legends (the cute critter that represents you in the game), arenas (the game board you play on), and Booms! (the damage particles that hit your Little Legend) but that all has no effect on the gameplay.

You can acquire some of these cosmetics for free by unlocking them with the Galaxies Pass, which is sort of like a Season Pass from other games where you earn experience to unlock rewards just by playing. However, there is also a Galaxies Pass+ that unlocks even more content as you play, and you can buy some cosmetics ala carte!

I only have the mobile version and my friend only has the PC version. Can we play together?

Yes! Riot has confirmed that TFT Mobile will be cross-platform! In addition, all progress you make towards unlocking cosmetics in your Galaxies Pass will transfer between both versions on the same account, so you can unlock cool stuff to use on your phone and PC!

You mentioned that you were ranked. What does that mean and can I play it on mobile?

The ranked ladder of TFT (as opposed to the normal queue) is a competitive environment where you will be matched against players of similar skill to yourself. By winning or placing at the top of the leaderboard, you’ll gain League Points “LP” that will raise your rank compared to other players. Obviously, losing will make you lose LP and have your rank drop, so make sure you’re ready to play when you queue up in ranked!

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That’s it for today on the TFT Guide for Beginners. I will be bringing more guides in the coming days aimed at beginners, with an in-depth guide as to how the gameplay works step-by-step so make sure to check back for more!