League of Legends: 5 Best Jungle Champions on Patch 10.6

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Here are our five best jungle champions for carrying games and climbing the League of Legends solo queue ranked ladder on Patch 10.6!

Four junglers received changes and one new jungler stepped onto the Rift on Patch 10.6. As a result, the League of Legends jungle meta has shifted slightly and has led to this list of the five best jungle champions on Patch 10.6:

5) Ekko

50.83% Win Rate | 10.5% Pick Rate | 23.4% Ban Rate

Ekko may have lost 50% of his Z-Drive Resonance bonus damage against monsters on Patch 10.3 but his ganks and dueling remain powerful enough to keep him in the jungle S tier.

With Sorcerer’s Shoes, Runic Echoes, and a Hextech Protobelt in his inventory, Ekko deals so much damage and is so slippery he’s nearly impossible to deal with in the mid game. Not only that, if you do manage to catch him and burst him down to low HP, he’ll simply Chronobreak and regain all of his health anyway.

Although he may be a better choice in the mid lane, jungle Ekko isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

4) Wukong

51.49% Win Rate | 6.1% Pick Rate | 36.5% Ban Rate

To nobody’s surprise, the updated Wukong is broken in his first week in solo queue. If you think a 51.49% win rate is bad, jungle is his THIRD best role in solo queue right now.

The Monkey King’s high base damage allows him to clear the jungle quickly and look to invade enemy junglers throughout the laning phase to grab an early gold lead.

Crushing Blow is still a deadly ability and Wukong can win any 1v1 with his Q. Combine this with his new Cyclone (which can be activated twice now) and it’s no surprise that he’s such a popular pick just three days into his League of Legends introduction.

Zac. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

3) Zac

51.25% Win Rate | 10.4% Pick Rate | 23.1% Ban Rate

It’s not often you see a tank dominating the solo queue jungle meta, no less one that doesn’t build a single damage item. Zac’s crowd control is unmatched and he can single-handedly win team fights if he finds the right angle from which to Slingshot in.

The trick to carrying with Zac is to utilize his strong early AoE damage to clear out camps quickly and farm up until you have a few levels in E, level 5 is usually the sweet spot. From there, find a low mobility opponent and gank, forcing their Flash with Slingshot, then pulling them back with Stretching Strikes for a free kill.

2) Shaco

51.63% Win Rate | 5.4% Pick Rate | 9.4% Ban Rate

Unexpectedly, nerfing one of the strongest champions in the game by reducing his clone’s basic attack damage by 15% doesn’t seem to have worked. Who would have thought?

Shaco continues to terrorize the Rift on Patch 10.6, particularly in lower elos, as his Deceive allows him to bypass vision with ease and burst down enemy squishies. Jack in the Box may be one of the most annoying abilities in League of Legends, but Shaco’s true power comes from the burst damage offered by Backstab and Two-Shiv Poison.

1) Elise

51.56% Win Rate | 11.3% Pick Rate | 23.2% Ban Rate

Elise reclaims her throne as (Spider) Queen of the Jungle! A fast jungle clear, incredibly high burst damage, and the perfect crowd control for ganks, what more could you ask for from a jungler?

The only downside to picking Elise is that she falls off quite significantly towards the later stages, so it’s your responsibility to build and snowball an early gold lead otherwise you’ll have a rough time post-30 minutes.

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Who do you think are the best jungle champions on Patch 10.6? Which jungle champions would you like to see buffed on Patch 10.7?