League of Legends: Patch 10.6 Aggregated Jungle Tier List

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Wukong. League of Legends.
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Buffed Champions


Wukong was obviously the biggest highlight of Patch 10.6, getting a mini-rework. The biggest change with regards to his jungle power came to his Passive (giving him flat max health regen and increasing his resistance bonuses whenever he attacks a monster), Warrior Trickster (giving him another dash, even though he can’t cross terrain), and Cyclone (giving him two knockups).

The Monkey King only made the mid-C tier in our jungle tier list, but that’s because a few sites left him off their predictive tier lists that we used. Most sites that had data for Wukong rated him very highly, so I would say he’s at least B tier, especially considering he has a 51.5% win rate.


Despite Riot buffing Hecarim’s Onslaught of Shadows, he saw a slight drop to his win rate (likely due to the increase in his pick rate). In our jungle tier list, that evened out to putting him down into the high-C tier next patch. I would imagine he stabilizes and moves into the B tier next patch.


Smoothing out the transformation timing on Kayn’s passive should have been a boon to the Shadow Reaper. Unfortunately, he still has a mediocre win rate (48.3%) and dropped to our C tier like Hecarim.


Buffs to their sustain on Wolf’s Frenzy and the cooldown on Lamb’s Respite gave Kindred a 0.6% boost to their pick rate in Patch 10.6, but their win rate remained flat and below 50%. Kindred still sits in the C tier after these buffs.


I respect Riot for trying to diversify the jungle meta by giving more unique champions a home in the jungle, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that these methods of giving bonus damage to monsters or jungle sustain are just not enough to bring these champions into the meta. Not a single one of these champions made our jungle tier list in Patch 10.6.

Nerfed champions


While most Shaco mains/high elo players scoffed at the Demon Trickster getting a nerf, allow me to remind you that Shaco had the fifth-highest win rate in Platinum and above in Patch 10.5, and still has a top-20 win rate (50.8%) in Patch 10.6. After these justified nerfs to Shaco’s Hallucinate, he dropped from S tier down to a more manageable A+ tier in our jungle tier list.

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Methodology: These rankings were determined by finding the average standardized score of a champion from nine different tier lists from sites around the internet. This is done by assigning a certain weight to each different score, rank, or grade given by these sites (for instance, both a “Diamond” rating and “A” grade would be worth a 90 score). The standardized score is then determined by looking at the average score given to all champions in every role by that site as well as the standard deviation of scores given (so that sites that give out more high grades will not have their As be worth the same as a site that gives out very few high grades).

The full, underlying data can be found here. This link also includes the full listing of how the scores are assigned. Champions must be rated by at least half of the sites audited in order to qualify for our tier list.Le