League of Legends: 5 Best Support Champions on Patch 10.6

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Here are our five best support champions for carrying games and climbing the League of Legends solo queue ranked ladder on Patch 10.6!

The top of the support tier list has had a very different look to it over the last few patches, with enchanters and off-tanks showing their face in what is becoming a very diversified support meta. Here are the 5 best support champions on Patch 10.6 and in League of Legends right now:

5) Taric

52.20% Win Rate | 3.4% Pick Rate | 1.8% Ban Rate

Taric’s popularity has soared over recent weeks after he became a high priority pick in pro play, especially when paired with Kalista in the bot lane.

The Shield of Valaron translates well to solo queue due to the simplicity of his non-ultimate skills which allow him to both heal and shield his marksman while also stunning oncoming or escaping enemy champions with Dazzle.

What separates your average Taric player from a master Taric player is the timing of Cosmic Radiance, an ability that could make or break a team fight for your team.

4) Bard

52.78% Win Rate | 6.5% Pick Rate | 1.3% Ban Rate

Another support champion that relies on excellent ultimate timing is Bard with Tempered Fate. Landing this in the correct position and time either before or during a team fight could single-handedly win a game (or lose it).

What Bard lacks in heals and shields, he makes up for with the maneuverability of Magical Journey which allows him to roam the map and look for ganks in the early game as well as find flank opportunities or picks in the later stages with his team.

Nami. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

3) Nami

53.00% Win Rate | 11.9% Pick Rate | 0.9% Ban Rate

Nami is the outlier in this top five list as she’s the only non-tank, which goes to show how valuable her kit has become in the current support meta.

Bubble is the perfect tool to set up ganks and trades in the early game as well as offering peel for an ADC in the late game, while Tidal Wave can be a method of engage to kick off a team fight.

Combine this with the enchanting and healing power of Ebb and Flow and Tidecaller’s Blessing, and it’s clear why Nami is such a high tier support on Patch 10.6

2) Blitzcrank

51.47% Win Rate | 9.6% Pick Rate | 20.3% Ban Rate

Nothing tops Rocket Grab when it comes to most annoying abilities in League of Legends, so whenever Blitzcrank is slightly too overpowered he will be picked just to tilt the enemy team with hook after hook.

Although it may seem like the laning phase is where Blitzcrank finds wins, it’s actually during the mid game as players can clear out vision, sit in fog of war, and find picks with Rocket Grab across walls to extend a gold lead.

1) Leona

50.51% Win Rate | 10.8% Pick Rate | 27.0% Ban Rate

Leona remains the number one support pick on Patch 10.6 as nothing has been done to reduce her monumental crowd control and perma-stun duration.

In lane, the Radiant Dawn is always in range for a quick engage and trade with Zenith Blade to close the gap and Eclipse to increase defenses.

Later in the game, Leona is key to starting team fights with the extremely long range Solar Flare always ready to stun a squishy enemy carry who will need to buy QSS if they want to survive against the tanky support.

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Who do you think are the best support champions on Patch 10.6? Which support champions would you like to see buffed on Patch 10.7?