LEC Spring Split 2020: Week 8 Team Power Rankings

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

The LEC Spring Split regular season is almost over and our six playoff teams have been confirmed! Here’s a look at how they stack up in our power rankings!

Just ten games remain before we bid farewell to the regular season and prepare for the LEC playoffs. Although our ten playoff teams have been selected, seeding is still up for grabs with each squad having two opportunities to climb up the power rankings in Week 9.

As of Week 8, the LEC standings have been split into four distinct groups: The top three who all look likely to challenge for international titles in 2020, the middle three who have impressed at times and deservedly qualified for playoffs, and the bottom three who will be hoping to make big changes during the mid-season break.

The fourth group is made up of Excel Esports who are now unable to finish in the playoff places after dropping too many games to the teams around them. Now they must watch from the outside as the race for the LEC title heats up and the top six tussle to climb the power rankings and LEC standings before the conclusion of the regular season.

1) G2 Esports

Record: 13 – 3 | Change: =

The LEC’s top three went 6-0 in Week 8 and look set to battle it out for the LEC trophy through April, taking down the other three playoff hopefuls along the way.

G2 convincingly took down Rogue and Excel Esports in true G2-style in Week 8 with some unique picks (including a Caps Ziggs) to maintain a 1-win lead at the top of the LEC standings.

2) Origen

Record: 12 – 4 | Change: =

As for Origen, they were less convincing against Team Vitality and failed to showcase the patient, controlled approach to games that they’ve been praised so highly for throughout 2020 so far.

Nevertheless, they found the win in the end and followed it up with a much cleaner victory against SK Gaming on Day 2 which included a Maokai mid pick from Nukeduck and his champion ocean.

3) Fnatic

Record: 12 – 4 | Change: =

Fnatic did exactly the same as G2 in Week 8 by taking down Excel and Rogue over the weekend. That being said, Fnatic did look the more accomplished of the two sides in their wins, but that’s probably because G2 are well-known for not giving 100% effort in regular season matches.

4) Rogue

Record: 9 – 7 | Change: =

The LEC’s middle three have all shown signs of being high-tier European teams capable of competing internationally, but haven’t displayed the consistency required to challenge the likes of Fnatic, G2, and Origen in the Spring Split.

Rogue suffered a winless weekend for the first time since Week 3 as they fell to Fnatic and G2 in two of their worst performances of the season, which will have the team worried with playoffs on the horizon.

That being said, Fnatic and G2 are two of the toughest opponents in the LEC and success in these fixtures was never really expected.

Febiven, Misfits Gaming, LEC, League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

5) MAD Lions

Record: 10 – 6 | Change: +1

MAD Lions climb above Misfits Gaming in our LEC power rankings by virtue of their victory when the two faced off on W8D2.

Truth be told, neither side was particularly impressive in their match-up and possibly proved to the LEC audience that challenging for the Spring Split title may be a bridge too far for both of these inexperienced line-ups so soon after their formation. Success in the Summer Split could definitely be on the cards, though!

6) Misfits Gaming

Record: 9 – 7 | Change: -1

7) Excel Esports

Record: 7 – 9 | Change: =

That’s right, Excel Esports are the team to miss out on playoffs after they failed to pick up a single win in Week 8 and other results over the weekend went against them.

This isn’t really too surprising to regular LEC viewers as Excel were the least consistent of the top teams and five of their seven wins came against bottom three opposition.

Sure they may have been able to take a BO5 against MAD Lions or Misfits Gaming, but other than that they stood no chance in the playoffs and will undoubtedly be looking to make changes during the mid-season break.

8) Schalke 04

Record: 5 – 11 | Change: =

Since Lurox’s introduction to the Schalke 04 roster, they’ve looked a completely refreshed outfit and have become much more proactive in the early game.

Combine this with Innaxe taking a much more laid-back, less resource-heavy role in the bot lane when compared to FORG1VEN, and it’s no surprise that Schalke have had an upturn in form recently.

The less said about the bottom two, the better…

9) SK Gaming

Record: 2 – 14 | Change: =

10) Team Vitality

Record: 1 – 15 | Change: =

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The LEC returns on March 27 with Rogue vs. SK Gaming kicking off Week 9! Catch Ready Check from 17:45 CET on the LEC Twitch channel and LoL Esports YouTube channel!