League of Legends: The 5 Best Champions to Main in Each Role

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Dragon Knight Mordekaiser. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

1. Mordekaiser

He’s one of the most oppressive laners to face against since his rework. His kit is literally built to 1v1 anyone, especially with his ult being able to suck one enemy into the Death Realm. But the real beauty of Mordekaiser is his mix of durability and damage.

Even though he builds AP items like Haunting Guise, Morde will get a lot of use out of tank items like Gargoyles Stoneplate, Spirit Visage, or Deadman’s Plate. With the flexibility in his kit, Mordekaiser is a great champion to main.

2. Darius

Most people will list Darius as one of the best champions for lower elo players to main and it’s not hard to see why. He’s an oppressive lane bully who can thrive in 1v1s, skirmishes, and even full-blown teamfights. Like Mordekaiser, he can build a mix of offensive and tank items and still output tons of damage.

The only real reason I have hesitance putting Darius on this list is that, weirdly, he seems to be a much less effective champion at lower elos than higher elos. In fact, the difference between Darius’s win rate in Iron (47.45%), Gold (50.1%), and Diamond+ (51.85%) is quite staggering. I would not recommend Darius to true beginners trying to learn top lane for this reason, but would recommend him once you’ve gotten the basics down.

3. Fiora

Probably the highest skill floor of any of the top laners we’ll recommend, Fiora is actually a tough matchup in low elo because players won’t know how to play around her vitals. Like Darius, Fiora can play in many types of styles, either as a splitpusher or a fighter/flanker in teamfights.

However, what makes Fiora unique to the rest of the top laners we recommend is that she gets better as you climb. This means that as players learn to master her she becomes more effective, making her a fantastic pick to learn.

4. Kled

I’ve long been on the Kled hype train, and not just because he is my personal main champion. Kled is simply a fantastic scaling fighter and splitpusher. With the brief invulnerability that he gets when he mounts and dismounts Skaarl, Kled provides players a lot of safety.

In addition, I think Kled gives players a great learning curve to learning top lane. You’ll learn basic trading patterns, how to splitpush, and how to roam with his ult and/or teleport. This means you’ll not only become a better Kled player, but also a better top laner player.

5. Jax

Jax is probably the “standard” top laner for most new players to work with. His kit is simple, but incredibly versatile. He has built-in tankiness on his ult and Counterstrike, a dash for escapes, and auto-attack resets. Jax also has a flexible build path, like the other top laners, and builds a mix of damage and tank.

Despite his simple kit, Jax continues to be effective to climb in high elos. Just see the success of streamers like TF Blade to show why Jax is one of the best champions to main.