League of Legends: 5 Best Top Laners on Patch 10.9

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

Here are the 5 best top laners on Patch 10.9 for carrying games and climbing the League of Legends solo queue ranked ladder!

The top lane island continues to be pumped with buffs throughout Season 10, but being so far away from the action means you have to make every decision count. That includes the champion select decision and ensuring you grab one of the best top laners on Patch 10.9.

For a one-off change, instead of describing the champion and how they get the better of their top lane counterparts, we’ll be doing a mini-guide for each champion. This includes rune pages, skill order, and important items to purchase!

5) Illaoi

51.15% Win Rate | 4.2% Pick Rate | 10.7% Ban Rate

Rune Page
Take Conqueror for increased damage and healing during extended trades, allowing Illaoi to dominate the top lane 1v1. Follow this up with Triumph, Legend: Tenacity, and Last Stand.

In your secondary tree, go for Domination’s Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter for immense self-healing. Finally, grab two Adaptive Forces and an Armor/Magic Resist depending on your lane opponent.

Skill Order
Take E – Test of Spirit first as this enables potent, long-range poke in lane and during the mid game. Then, Q – Tentacle Smash for increased DPS. And finally, W – Harsh Lesson.

Essential Items
Start off with The Black Cleaver as it grants Attack Damage, Health, and Cooldown Reduction which are all perfect for Illaoi. Sterak’sGage, Death’s Dance, and Spirit Visage are next for the health and self-healing benefits. As for boots, Ninja Tabi is usually the way to go.

4) Teemo

51.76% Win Rate | 6.5% Pick Rate | 10.4% Ban Rate

Rune Page
Grasp of the Undying is the new meta on Teemo as the Swift Scout can self-sustain and build his health pool against melee enemies during the laning phase. Next, go for Demolish to take advantage of Teemo’s auto-attack range to quickly destroy a tower. Finish off with Bone Plating and Overgrowth.

Cheap Shot and Ravenous Hunter should complete your rune page, as well as Attack Speed, Adaptive Force, and Armor/Magic Resist depending on the opponent.

Skill Order
Start with E – Toxic Shot for increased damage output, then Q – Blinding Dart for the same reason as well as an extended blind duration. Finish off with W – Move Quick.

Essential Items
Purchasing an early Sorcerer’s Shoes + Oblivion Orb combo allows Teemo to start the game with a massive amount of magic penetration for maximum early game damage. Follow this up with Nashor’s Tooth and Liandry’s Torment to further boost Teemo’s DPS. Complete the build with a Rabadon’s Deathcap and Void Staff.

3) Darius

49.84% Win Rate | 10.6% Pick Rate | 48.9% Ban Rate

Rune Page
Similar to Illaoi, grab Conqueror for Darius to improve his dueling ability, then finish off the primary tree with Triumph, Legend: Tenacity, and Last Stand. If you’re a fan of Ghost over Teleport, go for Nimbus Cloak and Celerity in your secondary tree with Attack Speed, Adaptive Force, and Armor/Magic Resist to end.

Skill Order
Maxing Q – Decimate first is the obvious choice as this is Darius’ main damage tool. The choice between his other two basic abilities is a difficult one though, with E – Apprehend taking the edge due to the benefit of a short cooldown crowd control tool, followed by W – Crippling Strike.

Essential Items
Trinity Force is the perfect starting item for Darius as it offers Health, Attack Speed, Attack Damage, and Cooldown Reduction. Sterak’s Gage provides damage and health which works well if followed by defensive items, such as Spirit Visage and Dead Man’s Plate. Boots are your choice!

2) Nasus

52.65% Win Rate | 8.7% Pick Rate | 11.5% Ban Rate

Rune Page
Grasp of the Undying is the perfect keystone for Nasus as it boosts his trading power and allows him to inherently build health as the game goes on. Add Demolish, Conditioning, and Overgrowth to your primary tree for strong, defensive stats.

As for your secondary tree, go for Magical Footwear and Cosmic Insight. Then, finish off with Cooldown Reduction, Armor, and Armor/Magic Resist.

Skill Order
It goes without saying that you should be putting levels into Q – Siphoning Strike first as this is Nasus’ primary damage tool. Then, go for E – Spirit Fire and W – Wither.

Essential Items
Nasus has a very loose build guide with the exception of his first item – Trinity Force. After that, combine Sterak’s Gage with a bunch of defensive items for a well-balanced inventory.

1) Garen

51.51% Win Rate | 12.8% Pick Rate | 15.1% Ban Rate

Rune Page
Yet again, Conqueror is the most powerful keystone on this top laner, followed by Triumph, Legend: Tenacity, and Last Stand.

In Garen’s secondary tree, opt for Conditioning and Overgrowth for underlying defensive stats and complete the page with Attack Speed, Adaptive Force, and Armor/MR.

Skill Order
Garen’s main damage ability, E – Judgment, should be maxed first. His second strongest damage ability, Q – Decisive Strike, should be next. Then, finally, put levels into W – Courage.

Essential Items
Depending on how far ahead you get early on, you can build as many or as few damage items as you want on Garen. It is recommended that you start with Berserker’s Greaves, Trinity Force, and Black Cleaver, but after that, it’s up to you!

When ahead, buy a Phantom Dancer. When even or behind, go for Spirit Visage and Dead Man’s Plate instead.

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Who do you think are the best top laners on Patch 10.9? Which top laners would you like to see buffed on Patch 10.10?