League of Legends: 10 Best Champions in URF 2020

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Katarina, League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

5) Shaco

How about another Deceive? Shaco’s Q is on a tiny 2 second cooldown at max rank meaning the Demon Jester will probably be invisible more often than visible during your upcoming Ultra Rapid Fire games.

To master the clown on URF you must build full AP, Deceive in range of the enemy, throw out a Two-Shiv Poison, Deceive away, and repeat. Doing this over and over may be boring to some, but it is ideal for picking up kills and frustrating your opponents.

4) Lee Sin

Skill ceilings aren’t often talked about when it comes to Ultra Rapid Fire, but Lee Sin probably has the highest ceiling of them all. Between his four abilities and his reliance on ward-hopping, the Blind Monk is all about your APM and how fast your reactions are.

Making the most of Lee Sin in URF revolves around chaining Sonic Waves and Dragons Rages, as a well-timed combo could be enough to instantly blow up your opponent before they have time to Flash away.

3) Katarina

Reset Queen Katarina only gets stronger with the addition of 80% cooldown reduction as she can Shunpo around team fights with ease, dancing from dagger to dagger to dodge any form of crowd control heading her way.

If you’re up against a team with minimal CC, it is your time to shine. Wait for the opponents to focus on your teammates and jump into the fight to activate Death Lotus and instantly blow up the enemy team.

2) Zed

Slipping from shadow to shadow is what makes Zed great on Ultra Rapid Fire as he’s as slippery as he is deadly. The Master of Shadows can pick up a few Serrated Dirks and blow up any squishy with Razor Shurikens and Shadow Slashes before safely escaping with Living Shadow.

Good luck trying to lock Zed down when he casts Death Mark!

1) Fizz

The League of Legends development team have previously stated that URF isn’t released very often to avoid losing chunks of the player base after removing the game mode from live servers. However, there is a theory that they don’t release URF often to protect the player base from the nightmare of facing Fizz with the URF buff.

Playful Trickster, Urchin Strike, Playful Trickster, Urchin Strike, Zhonya’s, Playful Trickster, Chum the Waters, Playful Trickster. Does this sound familiar? This is the rage-inducing reality of Fizz with no mana costs and 80% cooldown reduction.

Unless you want to slowly break your peripherals over the course of the next few weeks because of the Tidal Trickster, it would be wise to ban Fizz in URF.

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Do you agree with this list? Which champions would you add to our top 10 best champions to play on URF in 2020?