League of Legends: 5 Best ADC Champions on Patch 10.10

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Here are the 5 best ADC champions on Patch 10.10 for carrying games and climbing the League of Legends solo queue ranked ladder!

ADC mains just received some good news as it was revealed that Patch 10.11 will include a huge update for the marksman role. Get a head start over other players flocking to the role next week by playing the best ADC champions on Patch 10.10:

5) Draven

51.42% Win Rate | 5.4% Pick Rate | 5.5% Ban Rate

When it comes to finding early kills and snowballing a lead from the bot lane, nobody does it better than Draven. The Glorious Executioner has been utilizing his Passive – League of Draven to maximum effect on Patch 10.10, skyrocketing him to an impressive 51.42% win rate.

One important skill to master when learning Draven is how to best use his E – Stand Aside. Often you may find yourself throwing the ability out at the start of the fight to slow an opponent or increase your DPS, but sometimes it’s better to hold onto the marksman’s knockback to interrupt a dash or jump from the enemy ADC for a free kill.

4) Caitlyn

50.36% Win Rate | 15.3% Pick Rate | 8.7% Ban Rate

If you’d prefer to win lane by out-farming your opponent, rather than killing them, then Caitlyn is your answer. The Sheriff of Piltover has been making full use of her unmatched auto attack range and high damage Piltover Peacemaker to dominate lane and rise to a 50.36% win rate on Patch 10.10.

To achieve and maintain the upper hand in the bot lane, be sure to use Caitlyn’s Yordle Snap Traps efficiently. Place them on the entrance to bushes to surprise oncoming foes and around the enemy tower where they’re less visible and easily trodden on.

3) Yasuo

52.72% Win Rate | 2.4% Pick Rate | 40.7% Ban Rate

Yasuo continues to intrude on the bot lane marksman party by out-dueling and out-damaging his ADC counterparts on Patch 10.10. Despite his clear lack of range, Yasuo makes do in the laning phase and during the late game by hard engaging on his opponents and blowing them up through the excellent burst damage of Last Breath.

2) Vayne

51.22% Win Rate | 15.1% Pick Rate | 12.1% Ban Rate

Instead of winning the game early by killing or out-farming your lane opponents, why not wait until the late game to 1v5 the enemy team?

The countless number of Vayne montage clips on YouTube should be enough to convince you that she’s, at the very least, worth trying for a few games. If her Tumbling and Condemning through team fights doesn’t persuade you, perhaps her 51.22% win rate on Patch 10.10 will.

1) Varus

50.73% Win Rate | 12.6% Pick Rate | 23.5% Ban Rate

Lethality Varus has taken solo queue by storm over the last few weeks and has seen the Darkin Bow climb to the top of the ADC tier list on Patch 10.10. With few tanks occupying the top and jungle champion pools, Varus’ Piercing Arrows are lethal in the current meta.

For an insight on how to play lethality Varus, check out our recent guide.

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Who do you think are the best ADCs on Patch 10.10? Which ADCs would you like to see buffed on Patch 10.11?