Legends of Runeterra: A complete guide to Bilgewater champions

Legends of Runeterra. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
Legends of Runeterra. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

This is a Legends of Runeterra guide explaining the mana costs, power, health, spells, and level up conditions of all five Bilgewater champions.

Legends of Runeterra is Riot Games’ digital card game that shares the same universe as League of Legends, which means you’ll see some familiar faces from the seven regions of Runeterra during your LoR journey. This is a breakdown of the basics of the five Bilgewater champions and how they function in game.

Bilgewater is the latest region to be added to Legends of Runeterra. The port city is known for its crowd of smugglers and pirates but is also a land of opportunity outside the regulations of government. Far-traveled merchants gather in Bilgewater bringing a wide range of valuable, unique goods from across Runeterra making for some potentially lucrative ventures with some possibly dangerous crime barons.

In Legends of Runeterra, Bilgewater cards utilize a bunch of interesting mechanics such as Deep (+3|+3 when you have 15 or fewer cards in your deck) and Plunder (triggered if the enemy Nexus has been damaged this round).

These are the five Bilgewater champions available in Legends of Runeterra:


Fizz, Legends of Runeterra.
Legends of Runeterra. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

The Tidal Trickster is the lowest cost champion from Bilgewater at just 1 mana. For this modest price, you receive a 2|1 champion that has the potential to be the most annoying unit in Legends of Runeterra.

Upon casting a spell, Fizz will gain both Elusive and the ability to avoid all incoming enemy spells and skills. This means that, unless Fizz is blocked by an Elusive champion, he’s unkillable.

Level Up
Casting 6+ spells will see Fizz level up, gaining a +1|+1 boost. Level 2 Fizz will also create a Chum the Waters card in hand every time he strikes the enemy Nexus directly. Ensure you have plenty of low cost spell cards in your deck to level up Fizz as soon as possible.

Fizz’s Playful Trickster
Fizz’s champion spell is Playful Trickster, a fast spell that can remove an attacking ally from the board to rally your team for a second attack token. Use this spell when you have a strong attacking set-up that could deal lethal damage if allowed to attack twice.

Chum The Waters
Casting Chum The Waters grants an enemy unit of your choosing Vulnerable, meaning you can force them to block any of your units in your attacking turn. Use this spell to remove one of your opponent’s most troublesome units with a strong attacker. Chum The Waters will also summon a Longtooth onto the board.

With 5|1 stats and Overwhelm, Longtooth is a one time use unit designed to force your opponent into making the choice between losing up to 4 Nexus health or a high defense unit.


Gangplank, Legends of Runeterra.
Legends of Runeterra. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

5 mana for 5 power and 5 health seems like a fair trade, particularly considering the wealth of utility and potential damage in Gangplank’s kit. The Saltwater Scourge can be a deadly force with Overwhelm and also summons a Powder Keg onto the board when summoned himself.

Level Up
Leveling Ganplank up could prove a tricky task as it requires you to damage the enemy Nexus in 5 different rounds. However, once you’ve achieved this, you have the upper hand.

Level 2 Gangplank sees his stats boosted by +1|+1, while he also summons a Powder Keg at the start of every round. Not only that but whenever Gangplank attacks he now deals 1 damage to ALL enemy units and the enemy Nexus via his Powderful Explosion skill.

Parrrley is Gangplank’s champion spell, a slow spell that deals 1 damage to anything on the board. If the selected unit is killed by Parrrley, the enemy Nexus will take 1 damage as well. Remember, you can sacrifice one of your own units to get off the Nexus damage if needed.

Powder Keg
If you’re running a Gangplank deck, expect the board to be filled with Powder Kegs throughout the game. Powder Kegs will “explode” whenever you damage an enemy with a spell or skill, dealing 1 extra damage to that enemy. Chain them up just like you would in League of Legends.

Powderful Explosion
Powderful Explosion is Level 2 Gangplank’s attack spell, dealing 1 damage to all enemies and the enemy Nexus whenever the pirate damages the opponent.

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune, Legends of Runeterra.
Legends of Runeterra. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Miss Fortune
For just 3 mana you can summon a 3|3 unit capable of attacking multiple enemies in the same turn. Whether Miss Fortune is taking part in the attack or sitting on the sidelines, she’ll aid her allies through the battle with Love Taps, dealing 1 damage to all battling enemies and the opponent’s Nexus.

Much like in League of Legends, Miss Fortune’s AoE in team fights is unmatched.

Level Up
To upgrade the Bounty Hunter to Level 2, you simply have to attack 4 times, at which point she’ll get a +1|+1 boost and trade in her Love Tap for Bullet Time. Now, instead of just hitting battling enemies and the enemy Nexus once for 1 damage, she’ll do it three times for some huge AoE.

Clearly Miss Fortune is very effective against low cost, rush decks with plenty of low health cards, especially after leveling up.

Make It Rain
Make It Rain is Miss Fortune’s champion spell, a fast spell that deals 1 damage to three different random enemies when cast. You’ll have to hope that the RNG is in your favor when using this card.

Love Tap
Level 1 Miss Fortune used Love Tap on all battling enemies and the enemy Nexus whenever her allies attack. Dealing 1 damage to everything in sight could prove crucial in the early rounds.

Bullet Time
Bullet Time is the upgrade of Love Tap used by the upgrade of Miss Fortune. Dealing 3 damage instead of 1 will have your opponent on their toes and force them to destroy Miss Fortune before she destroys their Nexus.


Nautilus, Legends of Runeterra.
Legends of Runeterra. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

The beefiest and most expensive of the Bilgewater champions is the 0|12 Nautilus. The tank is very much suited to the late game but is also useful when blocking dangerous attacks in the mid game.

Level Up
Nautilus has two Level Ups technically, the main one occurring when you are Deep into your deck (15 or fewer cards left) which gives him a +13|+1 boost making him an absolute terror for the remainder of the game capable of single-handedly finding a victory.

His second part of his Level Up allows him to reclaim his previously tossed cards, increasing the number of cards in his deck, and potentially bringing up even more late game cards to finish off an opponent.

The least complicated aspect of Nautilus’ kit is his Riptide, a fast champion spell that simply stuns an enemy when cast. At 4 mana, it’s a tad expensive, but could be game-saving if used at the right time.

Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate, Legends of Runeterra.
Legends of Runeterra. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Twisted Fate
Both simple to grasp and interesting to use in game, Twisted Fate possesses one of the most unique champion kits in Legends of Runeterra. At first, the Card Master is a standard 2|2 champion with Quick Attack (attacks before his enemy blocks), but when you play him, he gains access to one of his three Destiny Cards detailed below.

Level Up
Level 2 Twisted Fate gains a +1|+1 boost after you draw 8+ cards, so it may be a long wait to see him on your board. However, once reaching this point, it’s cards galore. Every round you have the chance to use up to three Destiny Cards depending on how many standard cards you use in that round.

Pick A Card
Twisted Fate’s champion spell is the burst spell Pick A Card. When cast, you shuffle a card from your hand back into your deck and receive 3 fleeting cards at the start of the next round. This is perfect for when you’re struggling in the short term and need a quick boost in attack/defense to take down an enemy or regain some control over the game.

Blue Card
The first of TF’s Destiny Cards is Blue Card which, when used, refills 1 spell mana and draws 1 card. As this spell costs 0 mana to cast, it is ideally used to increase your mana pool to use an otherwise too expensive spell during a round.

Red Card
TF’s Red Card is a mini Miss Fortune, dealing 1 damage to all enemies and the enemy Nexus. This card is perfect for wiping out injured foes or clearing the board of low-cost, rush units.

Gold Card
Gold Card deals 2 damage and stuns the strongest enemy unit. Ideally played in the defensive phase, this card could be life-saving if used while your Nexus is at low health or one of your key cards is vulnerable.

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Which of the five Bilgewater champions do you think is strongest? Will you be building a Bilgewater based Legends of Runeterra deck?