TFT: Ranking all the New Units in the Mid Set Update

Teamfight Tactics. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
Teamfight Tactics. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Gnar (4g)

Origin: Astro (3/5)
Class: Brawler (3/5)

Synergy: Like Vanguards, Brawlers are going to do most of their damage through abilities, so having them up more often is helpful. That said, you’re not usually picking a Brawler as your primary damage-dealer. (3/5)

Ultimate (Gnar!): Gnar leaps towards his target and transforms into Mega Gnar, throwing nearby enemies, dealing 200 damage and stunning them for 2 seconds. While in Mega Gnar form, Gnar gains 750 Health and 100 Attack Damage and becomes melee. (5/5)

Overall rating: 14/20

Riven (4g)

Origin: Chrono (3/5)
Class: Blademaster (4/5)

Synergy: Chrono and Blademaster go together like peaches and cream, so this is an excel start for Riven. Though her ultimate doesn’t really synergize with on-hit items (like Kayle did), she can take advantage of raw damage kind of like Irelia. (5/5)

Ultimate (Energy Dash): Riven dashes and shields herself for 300, then slashes forward dealing 100 magic damage. Every third cast, Riven leaps into the air and launches a wave of energy that deals 400 magic damage. (5/5)

Overall rating: 17/20

Teemo (4g)

Origin: Astro (3/5)
Class: Sniper (2/5)

Synergy: As evidenced by champions like Caitlyn and Ashe, in TFT Snipers want to be primarily auto-attacking and not using their abilities (unless it’s a weird interaction like Jhin). Having a sniper get easier access to their ability is probably not a great thing if it has any sort of wind-up time that takes away from Teemo attacking. (1/5)

Ultimate (Satelite Trap): Teemo scatters three traps around the nearest enemy. When an enemy is close to a trap or after 3 seconds it explodes, hitting nearby enemies for 175 damage, knocking them down and massively slowing them for 4 seconds. (2/5)

Overall rating: 8/20

Viktor (4g)

Origin: Battlecast (4/5)
Class: Sorcerer (2/5)

Synergy: How well these two traits synergize together is going to turn on whether AoE/damage over time damage abilities count for multiple instances of damage in terms of proccing the Battlecast bonus. My suspicion is no, but if that changes this synergy will be much better. (2/5)

Ultimate (Death Ray): Viktor burns a path between the two enemies who are the farthest away from each other, initially dealing 25% max health damage, then 1 second later dealing 250 damage in an aftershock explosion along the same path. (3/5)

Overall rating: 11/20

Janna (5g)

Origin: Star Guardian (1/5)
Class: Paragon (4/5)

Synergy: While turning basic attacks to magic damage may seem great for a Star Guardian class, given that most of the high-impact Star Guardians are Sorcerers I fear the Paragon trait will overload your team on magic damage, making them easily countered by Mystics. (3/5)

Ultimate (Howling Gale): Janna summons five tornados that fly forward in a large cone. Tornados grant allies they pass through 50% attack speed for 5 seconds while knocking up and stunning enemies for 1.5 seconds. (4/5)

Overall rating: 12/20

Urgot (5g)

Origin: Battlecast (4/5)
Class: Protector (1/5)

Synergy: Battlecast champions want to survive to deal and take more damage and Protectors get a shield when they cast an ability. That sounds like freaking great synergy right there. (5/5)

Ultimate (Fear Beyond Death): Urgot fires a drill at the farthest enemy in his attack range, reeling them in and dealing 2000 true damage repeatedly until they die when they reach him and reducing his mana cost by 10 mana. (4/5)

Overall rating: 14/20

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Predicted Ranking of the New Units

To close out, here is how we think the new units in the TFT mid-set update will rank on release, based purely on the criteria laid out above.

  1. Riven
  2. Illaoi
  3. Cassiopeia
  4. Kog’Maw
  5. Nocturne
  6. Vayne
  7. Bard
  8. Urgot
  9. Gnar
  10. Nautilus
  11. Janna
  12. Viktor
  13. Zed
  14. Teemo