League of Legends: Graves continues to rule the jungle in high elo

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Graves is conquering high elo solo queue despite his recent nerfs

In Patch 10.11, the League of Legends balance team decided to nerf Graves as he was dominating solo queue with a worrying 51.81% win rate across games in Platinum and above. The jungler was also present in almost 50% of these games, with a 16.08% pick rate and a 33.23% ban rate.

The balance team targeted Graves’ Q – End of the Line by reducing his first shot damage ratio from 1.0 bonus attack damage to 0.8 bonus attack damage, a 0.2 decrease. This change, scoffed at by many, did not impair the ability for the champion to abuse the jungle role at all stages of the game.

Although his Q may do slightly less damage, his overall tankiness, combined with his ability to output damage throughout long team fights, allows Graves to be one of the best junglers in the game at the moment.

After the Patch 10.11 nerf, Graves’ win rate decreased to 51.03%. However, as of May 31st, his win rate in Platinum+ games moved back up to 51.93%, an increase from Patch 10.10. The ban rate decreased by about 5 percent, meaning this slight change was actually a buff to Graves, resulting in the champion being more available to play now than in previous patches.

When we look at extremely high elo matches, Graves has a 56.35% so far on this patch in Master+ games, with a 58.62% ban rate. Pro players are currently spamming the Outlaw in solo queue and competitive play and he will need to see more nerfs from Riot if they want the champion to leave the meta anytime soon.

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Graves has the ability to endlessly farm until the late game, powering up with strong, high damage items such as Black Cleaver, Umbral Glaive, and Death’s Dance. His two main build paths allow him to play different styles depending on his team composition and opponents, with his lethality-centric build path and his more sustain-oriented path.

If you’re a jungle main and you haven’t picked up Graves yet, add him to your champion pool now to improve your chances of winning games. His strong early farming, excellent duelling power, and incredible team fight damage are unmatched in the current meta.