TFT Patch 10.12 Breakdown: The Mid Set Update is Here

Teamfight Tactics. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
Teamfight Tactics. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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In-game screenshot by Josh Tyler. League of Legends/Riot Games
In-game screenshot by Josh Tyler. League of Legends/Riot Games /

We break down all the changes coming to TFT in Patch 10.12!

New Galaxy Odds

"Normal – 20% of games Littler Legends – 10% of games The Neekoverse – 10% of games Medium Legends – 10% of games Superdense Galaxy – 10% of games Trade Sector – 10% of games Treasure Trove – 10% of games Star Cluster –  10% of games Galactic Armory –  10% of games"

So now all non-vanilla galaxies will have the same odds to show up, half of the normal galaxy. A reminder that starting in Patch 10.12, we will start losing one galaxy each patch. Next patch, we will add one new galaxy along with losing one old one.

Champion Pool

"The number of Tier 3 Champions in the pool: 16 ⇒ 18"

This is going to make slow rolling a more viable strategy since now you only have to get nine of the 18 copies of a given champion in the pool. Combined with the Neeko’s Help change below, expect to see more slow roll comps.

"1 star and Tier 1 champions sell back for their full gold value. All others sell for 1 less gold than their full gold value. Example: 2-star Tier 3 champion sell value: 5 ⇒ 8, 3-star Tier 1 Champion sell value: 5 ⇒ 9"

Originally, all the copies would sell back for their original values, which was a huge change. Now, you’re only losing one gold for each 2 and 3-star champion that you have. That makes it more worthwhile (or less costly) to stack important units on your bench to deny them from other players.

"Level 4 drop chances (by Champion Tier): 60/30/10/0/0% ⇒ 55/30/15/0/0% Level 9 drop chance (by Champion Tier): 10/15/25/35/15% ⇒ 10/15/30/30/15%"

This is a shift to have a higher chance to get 3-cost units in the mid and late game. Again, this seems to benefit those slow roll comps, which are usually built around 2 and 3-cost units.

"Kayn will no longer drop a Spatula item if you have 0 of that trait on the board."

Thank you. Nothing is more frustrating than the RNG gods deciding that your full Chrono/Cybernetic comp needs a Star Guardian’s Heart.

"Neeko’s help now always works, even if there are no more copies in the bag. The extra champ generated is extra, and when sold or the player is defeated does not go back into the bag."

Another fantastic quality of life change. No longer will you have those instances where you’re unable to use a Neeko’s Help because all the copies of the unit are already purchased.