TFT Guide: Item Tier List and Which Champions use Items Best

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Our TFT guide ranks all the items breaks down which champions can use each item best.

C Tier Items

These items are just never good to have. You basically only build these unless their numbers are grossly overtuned or when you’re down to your last few components.

32. Celestial Orb

Use: You’ll get some nice healing for your team if you have one other Celestial (probably Lulu) out there, but this isn’t going to be a priority in most cases.

Optimal users: Anyone.

33. Hextech Gunblade

Use: You can use this item on any champion who is primarily spell-reliant for his damage and…wants healing I guess.

Optimal users: Darius, Caitlyn, Cassiopeia, Gangplank, Irelia, Ahri, Syndra, Viktor, Urgot, Teemo.

34. Zeke’s Herald

Use: Put it in between your two biggest carries to give them extra attack speed. That’s it.

Optimal users: Any tank.

35. Statik Shiv

Use: Extra magic damage but it’s only good on a champion that is auto-attacking a lot and shouldn’t be prioritized unless the numbers are overtuned.

Optimal users: Vayne, Jinx, Kog’Maw.

36. Zz’Rot Portal

Use: Uh…it gives you an extra tank unit if your unit dies, but it’s never that impactful.

Optimal users: Any tank.

37. Luden’s Echo

Use: Extra AoE magic damage on spell use, but it scales horribly (only does a flat amount of damage) and you generally would want either component to make better items like Blue Buff or Rabadon’s.

Optimal users: Ziggs, Cassiopeia, Ahri, Syndra.

38. Chalice of Power

Use: Much like Zeke’s Herald, Chalice is just something you stick on a tank or enchanter to help boost the spell power of nearby carries.

Optimal users: Any tank or Mystic.

39. Locket of the Iron Solari

Use: Yep, it’s another item that you just want to smack on a tank or enchanter to protect your frontline.

Optimal users: Any tank or Mystic.

40. Sword Breaker

Use: Disarms the enemy, meaning they cannot attack for a few seconds. This is another on-hit item, but the chance is so low and the effect is so unimpactful, it’s rarely worth it to get this item unless you’re down to the two components.

Optimal users: Any Blaster or a champion with Ruunaan’s Hurricane.

41. Redemption

Use: Heals your team when the unit dies, so make sure you stick it on someone who is likely going to die pretty early on in the fight.

Optimal users: Anyone.

42. Shroud of Stillness

Use: Increase the mana cost of the enemy champions in front of you. Very unimpactful.

Optimal users: Anyone.

43. Warmog’s Armor

Use: Extra health.

Optimal users: Tanks.

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44. Battlecast Plating

Use: Turns your unit into a Battlecast, but given how long it takes to ramp up and get the effect, that’s rarely worth it unless as a last resort.

Optimal users: Anyone.

45. Rebel Medal

Use: You’re very rarely trying to go full Rebels unless the class gets massively buffed. Getting the extra shield is nice, but not worth it to sacrifice a better item.

Optimal users: Anyone.