LCS Summer 2020 Power Rankings: Week 4 was Full of Fiestas

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

LCS Summer 2020 Week 4 is in the books, here is where the teams sit in our LCS power rankings.

8. 100 Thieves (2-6)

Elo: 250 (+5)

This was a “show me” week for 100 Thieves, who were facing two teams at the bottom of the standings. By beating DIG but losing to Golden Guardians, 100 Thieves solidified themselves as being closer to that bottom-tier of teams than those that have a chance to be competitive.

This weekend marked the debut for rookie support Poome, who definitely showed raw talent but still has a lot to work on. Contractz also returned to the LCS stage for the first time in Summer 2020, and he also looked a bit rusty.

Next week, they’ll close out the first half of the round-robin with a game against FlyQuest and then face Cloud9 for a second time. With them likely to drop the next two, it’s incredibly unlikely that their playoff hopes will be anything beyond “just make it in.”

7. Golden Guardians (3-5)

Elo: 312 (+8)

They managed to beat 100 Thieves on the back of some spectacular play from Closer and Damonte, but against TSM the Guardians wilted. They were down almost 3,000 gold at the 10-minute mark and in a 5-to-1 kill disadvantage and never brought the game closer than 2,500 gold before losing in just under 36 minutes.

GGS definitely looks much stronger with Damonte in the mid lane, but unfortunately the game against TSM proved that they just don’t have the firepower to stand up to some of the top teams in the league. They’ll have one last chance to prove me wrong in the first round-robin, though, as they face Evil Geniuses and then kick off the back-half of Summer 2020 by facing Team Liquid.

6. CLG (4-4)

Elo: 372 (-22)

Really a disastrous week for CLG losing to their hated rivals TSM on Sunday in a game they were leading for the first 31 minutes. At one point, they had a 3,300 gold lead about 26-minutes into the game and were one dragon off of soul point. Unfortunately, the team’s passive play allowed TSM back into the game and they never secured another neutral objective the rest of the way.

They also played and lost to Cloud9 in Week 4, but at this point, that’s just expected from everyone so we won’t hold it against them. Their last game of the first half of the split will be against Team Liquid and then they’ll play Evil Geniuses as well. Although they’ve already bested their win total from the spring, you have to figure CLG will have something more to prove as the Summer Split ends now that they find themselves firmly in contention.