LCS Summer 2020: Week 5 Player Power Ranking

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Our LCS Summer 2020 Week 5 player power ranking ranks the junglers.


1. Robert “Blaber” Huang (Cloud9)

While Blaber is still comfortably atop the rankings for the best jungler in the LCS, I must admit that his performance this split (and particularly this week), have not measured up to his MVP-worthy performance from the spring. Currently, Blaber is just barely above-average in terms of kill participation (73.7%) and just below-average in terms of deaths per game (2.6). He also leads all junglers this split in terms of unforced deaths (12).

While these were all issues last split, Blaber was significantly better at not giving away deaths. In the spring he averaged only 1.7 deaths per game and 14 total unforced deaths.

Certainly, going 1/8/5 against 100 Thieves threw those numbers off a bit and all players are entitled to a stinker every now and then. Last week he only had 1.9 deaths per game and six unforced deaths, so I would expect for him to shake off this game and bounce back strong next week.

2. Lucas “Santorin” Tao Kilmer Larsen (FlyQuest)
3. Can “Closer” Çelik (Golden Guardians)
4. Juan Arturo “Contractz” Garcia (100 Thieves)

On the other side of the match-up, Contractz went 10/1/7 on Olaf in that win against Cloud9, bringing his adjusted KDA to 4.60 (up from 2.00 last week). It’s a limited sample size, to be sure, but Contractz looks every bit as good as he did when he was the starter for Golden Guardians in 2019.

He earned MVP honors for this week following helping knock off Cloud9 for the first time this split, but his performance in 100 Thieves’ other game, a 33-minute win over FlyQuest, was equally impressive. Contractz went 2/1/10 in perhaps the first good Nidalee game in the LCS and outpaced Santorin from the start of the game.

5. Jake “Xmithie” Puchero (Immortals)
6. Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett (Dignitas)
7. Matthew “Akaadian” Higginbotham (Dignitas)
8. Joseph “Potluck” Pollock (Immortals)
9. Mingyi “Spica” Lu (TSM)
10. Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen (Team Liquid)

A solid, if under-the-radar, weekend for Broxah who went a combined 3/3/13 in two games on Lee Sin. While Jensen is (rightly so) getting a lot of the praise for Liquid’s improved play, his synergy with Broxah has clearly improved from the Spring Split. While he does have some faults (including having an embarassingly-low damage to gold ratio), Broxah remains one of the best junglers in our power ranking when it comes to not giving away needless deaths.

11. Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen (Evil Geniuses)
12. William “Meteos” Hartman (100 Thieves)
13. Raymond “Wiggily” Griffin (CLG)