League of Legends: Everything You Can Get in the Spirit Blossom Event

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

The League of Legends Spirit Blossom Event is live with a bunch of rewards

The Spirit Blossom event is here to celebrate the release of Lillia and a brand new skin line. The event offers League of Legends players the opportunity to earn new skins, chromas, Blue Essence, keys, and key fragments.

However, this event comes with a twist. Rather than the usual route of playing games and completing preset missions to earn rewards, Spirit Blossom comes with its very own League of Legends “mini visual novel”, Spirit Bonds. Through Spirit Bonds, players can earn favor with a number of champions or “spirits” in order to progress their story and earn rewards.

Spirit Blossom will run from 22 June to 24 August. Here’s a full breakdown of what’s on offer during the event:

Spirit Blossom Skins

Over the course of the event, there will be 10 Spirit Blossom skins available to purchase with Ahri, Cassiopeia, Kindred, Lillia, Riven, Teemo, Thresh, Vayne, and Yasuo all receiving new cosmetics. On top of that, Teemo will be the recipient of a Spirit Blossom Prestige Edition skin which swaps blues for golds on the Swift Scout’s model.

Spirit Bonds & Missions

Cross over to the Spirit Realm, speak to spirits, and earn their favor in Spirit Bonds. The League of Legends client has seen its front page transformed and replaced by a map containing 9 champions that you must click in order to begin their story and start earning their favor.

Earning favor not only allows you to learn more about a spirit and progress through their story but it can also unlock event tokens and an icon depending on how committed you are to a relationship with that spirit. Favor is gained by playing games on certain maps, certain game modes, and with specific, SB-related champions.

While there is a long list of missions that will be revealed as you level up your Spirit Bond, there are a few important ones to bear in mind.

Winning a 5v5 game will net you 2 favor and losing a 5v5 game will net you 1 favor, while winning a TFT game will net you 4 favor, and losing a TFT game will net you 2 favor.

Also, playing with a Spirit Blossom skin equipped in Summoner’s Rift or Nexus Blitz will reward you with 3 favor for the corresponding champion, and playing as a champion that has a SB skin will reward you with 1 favor for that champion. These rewards are doubled for ARAM matches.


Your favor increases your rank with champions which in turn grants you a champion shard, a champion icon, and event tokens which can be traded in for the usual event rewards. A full list of which can be found here:

  • 1 Token = 10 Blue Essence
  • 10 Tokens = 100 Blue Essence
  • 20 Tokens = 1 Key Fragment
  • 50 Tokens = Random Champion Shard
  • 50 Tokens = Spirit Blossom 2020 Icon
  • 60 Tokens = Mystery Emote
  • 60 Tokens = 1 Key
  • 180 Tokens = 3 Keys
  • 200 Tokens = Kanmei Orb
  • 250 Tokens = Icon + Border for one the following skins:
    • Spirit Blossom Lillia
    • Spirit Blossom Teemo
    • Spirit Blossom Thresh
    • Spirit Blossom Vayne
    • Spirit Blossom Yasuo
  • 300 Tokens = Chroma + Icon Bundle for one the following skins:
    • Spirit Blossom Lillia
    • Spirit Blossom Thresh
    • Spirit Blossom Vayne
    • Spirit Blossom Yasuo
  • 2000 Tokens = Spirit Blossom Teemo Prestige Edition + Icon + Border
  • 2200 Tokens = Spirit Blossom 2020 Event Prestige Points Icon + 100 Prestige Points

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For more information on the event and Spirit Bonds, check out the Spirit Blossom 2020 FAQ page.