League of Legends: Ranking the Members of K/DA in ‘The Baddest’

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

League of Legends pop group K/DA released their second single, ‘The Baddest’ today. Here is who popped out in the newest song!

K/DA might be Riot’s most successful marketing measure for League of Legends ever. With over 150 million listens on Spotify and 365 million views on Youtube, their debut single ‘Pop/Stars’ was going to be a tough debut to top. But, impressively, K/DA might have outdone themselves with their follow-up hit released today ‘The Baddest.’

Featuring the original League of Legends champions in the group – Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, and Kai’Sa – ‘The Baddest’ is a bit more mellow than their debut but it still goes hard. Here is how we would rank the K/DA members in terms of singing and overall badness in ‘The Baddest.’

4. Ahri

She got a lot of the spotlight in ‘Pop/Stars’ but she kind of got put on the backburner in ‘The Baddest.’ Yeah she sang the chorus and she has a sweet voice, but she let the other K/DA girls steal the show.

3. Evelynn

I believe she sang the opening section of the song, which was honestly one of the weaker parts in my opinion. She didn’t have a lot of memorable lines but she did her part and spat a pretty solid flow.

2. Kai’Sa

She sang the last part of the song and honestly it was pretty hype. Her last line “Look at the gold all on my chest, Look at the gold call it a flex,” is 1000% going to be a meme for League of Legends fans going forward. Especially for that one friend who bragged about how he got to Gold IV in flex queue.

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1. Akali

“You like ‘who’ KALI you the goat.” Indeed, ‘Kali. Indeed she is the goat. It has been spoken, so it shall be.