League of Legends: Aggregated Solo Queue Tier List for Patch 10.18

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Cosmic Lux, League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Our League of Legends tier list for Patch 10.18 ends in the support role.

Support Tier List

S tier: Lulu, Blitzcrank (⇑), Lux, Bard (⇑), Morgana (⇒)
A+ tier: Janna, Soraka (⇑), Leona (⇑), Thresh 
A tier: Sona, Pantheon, Nami (⇑), Pyke (⇑), Zilean (⇑), Senna (⇒)
B tier: Yuumi (⇐), Taric, Nautilus, Rakan, Shaco, Maokai, Alistar, Swain, Galio, Brand (⇑), Zyra, Karma (⇒)
C tier: Xerath, Vel’Koz, Braum (⇑)
D tier: Sett (⇐), Shen (*), Veigar (*), Tahm Kench, Gragas 
F tier: Neeko (⇓), Poppy(*), Zac, Fiddlesticks (⇓), Malphite



  • * = new to the tier list this patch
  • ⇑ = improved (rated at least one tier higher than the previous patch)
  • ⇓ = declined (rated at least one tier lower than the previous patch)
  • ⇐ = borderline-up (within 10% of being in the next-higher tier)
  • ⇒ = borderline-down (within 10% of being in the next-lower tier)

Rising Picks

The biggest riser among all the supports in Patch 10.18 was Braum, who moved up to the mid-C tier after being relegated to the D tier in the last few patches.

Dropping Picks

She might be making heads turn in the ADC role, but Senna dropped off big in the support position in our tier list. Shen dropped from the A+ tier to now being borderline-B tier.

Underrated Picks

Nami is currently the most underrated A tier support in League of Legends. She has only a 2.3% pick rate despite her stellar rating.

Overrated Picks

Among the top-ten most-picked supports, only two did not make the A tier: Nautilus and Yuumi.

Buffed Champions

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Nerfed Champions


The Q damage nerfs were really aimed at his mid lane presence so, unsurprisingly, his rating as a support has not changed in this patch.


Similarly to Galio, the Sett nerfs weren’t meant to have a big effect on his support presence and, in fact, it didn’t. Sett remains a borderline-C tier pick as a support.