League of Legends: Aggregated Solo Queue Tier List for Patch 10.19

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Yone, Legends of Runeterra.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Our League of Legends tier list for Patch 10.19 looks at the mid lane.

Mid Lane Tier List

S tier: Zed, Katarina, Yasuo (⇑⇒)
A+ tier: Galio (⇐), Ekko (⇐), Talon, Fizz, Ahri (⇑), Kassadin, Yone (⇒) 
A tier: Annie, Lux (⇑), Diana (⇑), Vladimir, Sylas (⇑), Pantheon (⇑) 
B tier: Pyke (⇐⇓), Rumble, Cassiopeia, Orianna, Zoe, Akali (⇓), Renekton (⇑), Malzahar, Qiyana, Nocturne, Twisted Fate, Anivia, Leblanc (⇑), Vel’Koz (⇑⇒), Lucian (⇑⇒), Aurelion Sol (⇑⇒) 
C tier: Camille (⇐), Swain (⇓), Veigar, Neeko (⇓), Xerath, Zilean, Irelia, Lissandra, Morgana (⇑), Sett, Syndra, Malphite, Viktor, Taliyah (⇑), Ziggs, Karthus (⇑), Nunu & Willump (⇑), Ryze (⇒), Cho’Gath (⇑⇒)
D tier: Azir (⇐), Jayce (⇐), Corki (⇐), Garen, Kled, Mordekaiser, Kayle, Kennen (⇑), Aatrox, Heimerdinger, Riven, Wukong (⇑)
F tier: Karma (⇐*), Tryndamere, Tristana, Kog’Maw, Brand, Gangplank, Ornn (*)



  • * = new to the tier list this patch
  • ⇑ = improved (rated at least one tier higher than the previous patch)
  • ⇓ = declined (rated at least one tier lower than the previous patch)
  • ⇐ = borderline-up (within 10% of being in the next-higher tier)
  • ⇒ = borderline-down (within 10% of being in the next-lower tier)

Rising Picks

Renekton was the mid laner who improved the most from the last patch, moving up from the C tier into the D tier.

Dropping Picks

In Patch 10.19, Swain dropped out of the B tier and into the C tier, giving him the biggest drop in this patch.

Underrated Picks

With only a 1.4% pick rate, Lux, is the least-picked mid laner on this patch.

Overrated Picks

Zoe and Lucian both return as top-ten picks that did not make at least the A tier, but they’re also joined by the recently-buffed Akali among our overrated picks.

Buffed Champions


More buffs to her Fox-Fire following her mini-rework in Patch 10.18 brought her back into the A+ tier as one of the mid lane’s strongest picks.


Top lane Irelia didn’t improve too much after the buffs to her Vanguard’s Edge and it was pretty much the same for mid Irelia. She keeps her C grade on this tier list.


Sylas was considered overrated last patch because his ranking didn’t match his high pick rate. After the cooldown reduction to his Hijack, though, he has earned that top-10 pick rate as an A tier mid laner.

Nerfed Champions


As we discussed above for top lane, the nerfs to Akali’s Five Point Strike knocked her out of the A tier in mid lane down to the B tier, but she remains a very popular pick.


The nerfs to his bonus attack speed (for him and his soldiers) on Arise! was aimed more at his high pro presence, but for solo queue he remains an underwhelming champion in the D tier, likely due to his high skill cap.


AD per level is down, but mid lane Lucian actually rose out of the C tier into the low-B tier. I would anticipate the meta just hasn’t caught up to him yet in Patch 10.19 since he’s a relatively new mid lane pick. In the future, I wouldn’t be shocked if he drops back to C tier.

Twisted Fate

5 movement speed, we have learned, is nothing to scoff at. After the nerfs, TF slipped down our tier list a bit further and is closing in on C tier status for solo queue.