League of Legends: Aggregated Solo Queue Tier List for Patch 10.20

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Our League of Legends tier list for Patch 10.20 looks at the mid lane.

Mid Lane Tier List

S tier: Zed
A+ tier: Kassadin, Talon, Fizz, Yasuo (⇓), Katarina (⇓), Yone, Galio, Annie (⇑⇒), Ahri (⇒) 
A tier: Vladimir (⇐), Ekko (⇐⇓), Cassiopeia (⇑), Orianna (⇑), Pantheon (⇒), Diana (⇒)
B tier: Zoe, Rumble, Sylas (⇓), Lux (⇓), Akali, Qiyana, Neeko (⇑), Malzahar, Pyke, Veigar (⇑), Zilean (⇑), Camille (⇑), Twisted Fate, Nocturne, Leblanc (⇒), Swain (⇑⇒), Vel’Koz (⇒),
C tier: Lucian (⇐⇓), Anivia (⇓), Morgana, Renekton (⇓), Aurelion Sol (⇓), Syndra, Xerath, Ziggs, Irelia, Viktor, Lissandra, Ryze, Sett, Malphite, Karthus, Jayce (⇑), Garen (⇑⇒)
D tier: Azir (⇐), Nunu & Willump (⇐⇓), Cho’Gath (⇓), Mordekaiser, Heimerdinger, Taliyah (⇓), Corki, Kayle, Wukong, Aatrox, Kled, Tryndamere (⇑⇒)
F tier: Kennen (⇐⇓), Tristana, Kog’Maw, Karma, Riven (⇓), Ornn, Brand, Gangplank



  • * = new to the tier list this patch
  • ⇑ = improved (rated at least one tier higher than the previous patch)
  • ⇓ = declined (rated at least one tier lower than the previous patch)
  • ⇐ = borderline-up (within 10% of being in the next-higher tier)
  • ⇒ = borderline-down (within 10% of being in the next-lower tier)

Rising Picks

The most-improved mid laner on Patch 10.20 was Neeko, who rose into the mid-B tier from the C tier.

Dropping Picks

In Patch 10.20, Taliyah dropped out of the C tier into the D tier, the biggest drop among mids.

Underrated Picks

The least-picked A tier mid laner in Patch 10.20 was Annie.

Overrated Picks

Zoe, Akali, and Lucian are all overrated picks in the mid lane this patch, but they’re joined by Sylas who fell out of the A tier this patch.

Buffed Champions


The buffs to Aatrox’s ult weren’t nearly as impactful in the mid lane as the top lane, as he remains buried in the D tier.


Riot gave Ryze some extra “oomph” to his Overload’s base damage, which brought him up to the mid-C tier.

Nerfed Champions


He’s not rated as highly in the mid lane as the jungle, but the nerfs to his base armor were as impactful here in the mid lane. He remains in the mid-C tier.


He’s been a menace in the mid lane as a perpetual A/S tier pick, but even after the nerfs to his Null Sphere he’s still close to being S tier.


Now, here were some nerfs that seem to have actually made an impact. Katarina fell out of the S tier into the A+ tier.