League of Legends: The 5 Best Junglers on Patch 10.22

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

This is a list of the 5 best junglers in League of Legends on Patch 10.22

Though it may not be the most impactful role in League of Legends, junglers are in the unique position of being able to impact every lane on the Rift during the early stages of the game. The best junglers know how to strike the perfect balance between farming effectively and creating advantages for their teammates seamlessly.

Two junglers received significant buffs in Patch 10.22, Amumu and Sejuani. First of all, Amumu’s ultimate crowd control was upgraded to a stun, further increasing his impact on teamfights. As for Sejuani, she could be set for a welcome return to the meta after Glacial Prison saw its damage buffed.

Here are the 5 best junglers on Patch 10.22 along with their skill order, key runes, and essential items:

5) Master Yi

50.63% Win Rate | 4.5% Pick Rate | 11.3% Ban Rate

Master Yi is the king of lower elos and has seen his dominance spread over to the higher elos during the last few months. With unmatched DPS and an unbearable kit, it’s no surprise to see that the extremely popular champion has climbed to the upper echelons of the jungle tier list.

Nevertheless, there is one incredibly effective counter to Master Yi that players from across the ranked ladder can master. Crowd control. Picking the Wuju Bladesman into a heavy crowd control team is a death wish, so it’s best to wait until the later phases of the draft to lock Yi in.

Runes: Conqueror + Domination
Skill Order: Q > E > W
Essential Items: Bloodrazor, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Wit’s End

4) Fiddlesticks

52.82% Win Rate | 5.6% Pick Rate | 7.5% Ban Rate

The Fiddlesticks mini-rework has been incredibly successful in revamping an outdated kit and adding character to an often forgotten member of the League of Legends cast. This is clearly illustrated by the Ancient Fear’s rise to the top of the jungle tier list.

Avoiding vision, finding flanks, and perfectly timing R – Crowstorm are all skills that must be mastered in order to become a successful Fiddlesticks player.

Runes: Electrocute + Inspiration
Skill Order: W > Q > E
Essential Items: Runic Echoes, Zhonya’s Hourglass, Morellonomicon

3) Kayn

51.17% Win Rate | 11.5% Pick Rate | 10.9% Ban Rate

Kayn’s long-awaited return to the jungle meta has excited jungle mains and kept marksman players on their toes. The Shadow Reaper’s excellent clear speed and teamfight damage have seen him rapidly climb to the jungle S tier over recent patches.

Despite early game dueling being key to success in the jungle role, it is far better for Kayn to avoid early fights and reach his transformation unscathed. This means only taking fights when you know you have a numbers advantage and maintaining full vision control of the river to avoid the likes of Graves, Kha’Zix, and Rek’Sai lurking around your jungle.

Runes: Conqueror + Domination
Skill Order: Q > W > E
Essential Items: Warrior, Black Cleaver, Death’s Dance

2) Kha’Zix

52.25% Win Rate | 10.2% Pick Rate | 12.4% Ban Rate

Love him or hate him, nobody can deny the impact that Kha’Zix has on League of Legends game and how well his kit lends itself to players that want to single-handedly carry their teams to victory.

Although it has been nerfed repeatedly, Q – Taste Their Fear can nearly one-shot Isolated squishies at any point in the game. As a Kha’Zix player, it is your job to find Isolated targets and obliterate their health pool, forcing them out of a fight early on.

Runes: Dark Harvest + Inspiration
Skill Order: Q > W > E
Essential Items: Warrior, Duskblade of Draktharr, Edge of Night

1) Hecarim

51.50% Win Rate | 11.4% Pick Rate | 31.2% Ban Rate

Hecarim has taken over the jungle with devastating effect forcing players to either ban him or find a makeshift solution to his unmatched clear speed and ganking utility.

A key mechanic to master when playing the Shadow of War is to combo R – Onslaught of Shadows with E – Devastating Charge to quickly engage a teamfight and retreat to your teammates, dragging a squishy target with you en route.

Runes: Phase Rush + Domination
Skill Order: Q > E > W
Essential Items: Trinity Force, Death’s Dance, Sterak’s Gage

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Which jungler do you think is strongest on Patch 10.22? Which junglers would you like to see buffed on Patch 10.23?