TFT Guide: The Standard Leveling and Econ Guide for Set 4

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

We are providing an update to our TFT guide all about the Standard leveling and econ strategy here in Set 4.

Stages 4 and 5

Spend as much gold as you need to in order to hit Level 7 on Round 4-1. By this point, you should be rounding out your comp and now you have a few choices based on your remaining HP, gold, and comp.

At this point, you will either be aggressively rolling throughout Stage 4, fast level later in Stage 4 (which is far less common), or saving to hit Level 8 in 5-1. Which tactic you choose depends on the above factors.

Leveling to 8 on Round 4-5 is the least common strategy because you will likely be tapped out of your econ after leveling to 7 on 4-1. You should only employ this strategy if 1) you manage to hit the proper econ threshold at 4-5 and 2) you either need a 4 or 5 cost unit desperately to round out your comp or your comp is heavily contested and you need to get ahead of the others to secure key units/give yourself a better chance to beat them and open up needed units for yourself.

Most commonly, you will be doing the same strategy in Stage 4 as Stage 3, which is to build your bank up to 50g only spending interest and waiting to level on 5-1. However, if you have fallen behind you cannot afford to bank money for interest and need to aggressively roll for needed units (or level on 4-5 if you need that high-cost unit).

My general strategy for balancing the need to roll with the need to save is to bank as much gold as you have HP. For instance, while you have over 50 HP, it’s fine to build that econ up, but if you’re down to 30 HP, you should probably spend and roll down to 30g. This isn’t ideal, but you have to realize if you’ve fallen to this low of an HP threshold you need to hope luck is in your favor by giving you ideal units.

Stages 6 and on

All of the same advice applies for Stage 6 as Stage 5 (econ as high as your HP will allow, spend what you cannot). As with Stage 5, you should aim to hit Level 9 at 6-1 if possible. You may need to spend some XP to do so, but generally games will not last long enough for you to hit Level 9 unless you get way ahead.

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After you hit Level 9 (or if you just decide your comp is set at eight units) you can start to just freely roll gold to try and luck into those key units. You’ve likely hit top-four at this point, so you don’t really need to care about keeping up interest. Just spend down to zero if you want, although I do sometimes like to save 10-20g just for a little extra insurance to roll.