League of Legends: Bonkers Clip Shows an AD Volibear One-Shot

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

A recent League of Legends clip showed the power of AD Volibear.

Reddit is a place filled with weird, off-meta builds that probably should never work but look like tons of fun. Today, the most popular clip on the League of Legends subreddit showed an AD Volibear build that might actually be good.

Inspired by this video from Rossboomsocks from the day before, the clip makes note of the fact that Volibear’s ultimate does insane damage. Full AD Volibear might seem a bit peculiar and it may be weak, but the impact is undeniable.

In the clip, we see Volibear using Prowler’s Claw and his ultimate to dash right into the thick of the enemy team. With this item build and combination of abilities, he is able to close massive distance on the enemy Lux and Ezreal (who use Flash and Arcane Shift, respectively).

But when he lands, the real fireworks start as Volibear immediately kills Lux on impact. Then, with one autoattack, Volibear is able to kill the weakened Ezreal as well.

This is possible because Volibear’s ultimate ability, Stormbringer, does 250% bonus AD damage. Prowler’s Claw also does damage scaling off 30% bonus AD, which is dealt when dashing. In fact, two of Volibear’s other abilities – Thundering Smash and Frenzied Maul – also have AD ratios.

It did appear that Volibear used his Thundering Smash in this combo to finish off the Ezreal. This ability has a 120% bonus AD ratio. By using this combination of Prowler’s Claw, Stormbringer, and Thundering Smash, Volibear was able to do about 1200 damage in just under a second.

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To do this, Volibear would need about 200 bonus AD. Prowler’s Claw only grants 60 bonus AD, so we have to assume that he would need at least another one and a half items to get the requisite AD (not accounting for Lethality, which he gets from Prowler’s Claw and its Mythic Passive). Of course, this build makes Volibear super squishy and the AD Volibear build is therefore impracticle to build in game. Still, if you are looking for a fun build that can one-shot enemies, AD Volibear is the way to go.