LCS 2021: Ranking Every Single Starting LCS Mid Laner

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Photo by Riot Games.
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6. Tanner “Damonte” Damonte (100 Thieves)

Damonte started the 2020 Spring Split with Dignitas Academy before being brought over to Golden Guardians before the Summer Split. He was certainly an integral piece of revitalizing that GGS roster and bringing them to a strong playoff run but, in his third professional year, he continues to have massive gaps.

For one, Damonte posted a 2.39 aKDA, in large part due to the low kills per game (2.2) and solo kills (3). He also posted an incredibly low 67.5% kill participation and was the only mid laner with a kill share lower than 20. That is also a large reason for his low (391) gold per minute.

Another reason is his champion pool, as Damonte had an exceptionally low damage profile in his champion pool. He played a lot of Ekko and Twisted Fate, both of whom are known for low damage, giving him a 444 raw damage per minute (lowest among mid laners). Yet he did manage to overall outperform his expected damage slightly, with a 1.4 EDD.

One area where Damonte does not get enough flak, though, is in his poor laning. His -25.3 MAGXD @ 15 is third-lowest among the starting LCS mid laners (Pobelter and Insanity are lower).

That said, Damonte is actually one of the stronger mids in terms of champion pool diversity. He’s above-average in terms of unique mids played (18) and has three different champions that were rated elite: Rumble, Ekko, and Syndra.