LCS 2021: Ranking Every Single Starting ADC in the LCS

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Photos by David Lee/Riot Games.
Photos by David Lee/Riot Games. /

2. Edward “Tactical” Ra (Team Liquid)

Tactical does not get nearly enough credit for his performance last year with Team Liquid. While most observers see him as a product of playing with an elite support and LCS Summer MVP CoreJJ, I actually think there is plenty of evidence to suggest that Tactical might have made Core better and not the other way around.

To start, Tactical was tied with Raes for the highest gold per minute in 2020 with 454 GPM. And, though his laning wasn’t quite as strong as Raes’s, he still posted a 269.5 matchup-adjusted gold plus experience differential at 15. That is top four among ADCs entering next year, behind Raes, Deftly, and Zven, just ahead of FBI.

Tactical was also an incredibly efficient damage dealer. He posted an EDD of 17.3 last year and actually led all ADCs in damage share in 2020 (31.7%).

In terms of champion pools, Tactical has one of the largest in the AD Carry role. He played 12 unique champions last year, grading as elite on Aphelios, and had a comfort pool of five champions.

The one issue that you could point out when it comes to Tactical is that his adjusted KDA (5.13 aKDA) is only above average, not great. However, that’s only because he was around average in kills per game (3.7). He was exceptional in terms of limiting deaths per game (1.2).