LCS 2021: Ranking Every Single Starting Support in the LCS

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8. David “Diamond” Bérubé (FlyQuest)

The only rookie support who is moving up to an LCS starting spot in 2021, Diamond is probably the least-hyped piece of that bulk of players that FlyQuest acquired from Cloud9 (along with mid laner Palafox and top laner Licorice). There’s a reason for that.

Diamond’s performance in the Academy league last year was good. Just not great.

His 2.69 adjusted KDA was slightly higher than the average for supports going into 2020, but most of them were facing LCS-caliber (or better) competition last year. Ditto for his 242 gold per minute, which was tied with CoreJJ last year. While it’s great to be tied statistically with the reigning LCS MVP in any category, CoreJJ was facing better players to do so.

His laning was also very average, with a 13.9 MAGXD @ 15. He was paired with Tomo, who is a decent, but not great laner. Still, you would hope that an up-and-coming young support would be able to elevate his teammate and make them into a formidable duo.

The biggest hole in Diamond’s game, though, is in his champion pool. Although he had plenty of diversity (14 unique champions picked), he never really found his comfort champions in 2020 that he could play reliably. He played either Thresh or Nautilus in 23 out of his 50 games in 2020.