League of Legends: The Best Memes of the Week (1/18)

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Welcome back to Meme Monday, where we give you some of the best League of Legends memes that dropped on Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit about our favorite game! This week, we saw the return of the LCS with the Lock-In tournament, and the kick off of the professional League of Legends season worldwide. Of course, with Season 11 in full swing, there were plenty of new, delicious memes to go around.

This person has been chat-restricted within the past month and is on his third new account after the first two were perma-banned. They also think that it’s their teammates’ fault they’re stuck in Gold III.

"S M O R T from LeagueOfMemes"

“I will murder the ground so bad it will knock me into the air to get away from me!”


Playing against smurfs is fun isn’t it? But we still need to feel bad for those poor streamers who gotta milk smurf accounts for content and avoid the long queue times. It’s not like there’s a whole normal queue they could play in to get their Youtube clips.

"None has the lowest amount of wins (literally 0) and people still ban him?? from LeagueOfMemes"

Fun fact, none has a 0% win rate in solo queue and competitive play. His abilities have terrible scaling (they don’t scale off AD or AP) and he has the lowest base stats of any champion in League of Legends (somehow they’re all zero).

Here are some of the best memes in League of Legends last week.

Yasuo isn’t only a thief of LP, he’s also a thief of joy. Luckily, all Yasuo players are broke from spending all their money on his skins to look great when they go 0/8/2.

So, from what I heard, Clash went fine last week in EUW?


Oh look at this guy, Mr. “Thinks-He’s-So-Tough.” Dude, you got a sword and some mist and there’s a dragon who breathes stars in front of you.

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