League of Legends: Gwen, Not Isolde, Teased As New Champion

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Speculation that the newest League of Legends champion would be Isolde, wife of the Ruined King Viego, appears to be right. Kind of. Instead of Isolde, the latest champion trailer reveals that the next champion will be Gwen.

In the Ruination cinematic, players saw a battle between Senna, Lucian, and Viego for something that appeared to be the soul of the Ruined King’s wife, Isolde. The gem was claimed by Viego before vanishing, but players were unsure of what it meant. Many speculated that Viego was preparing to resurrect his wife.

However, the newest trailer does not tease Isolde, but instead teases a new champion, Gwen. This comes as a surprise to most players, who were expecting Isolde, but the trailer seems to hint that the speculation was not far off.

Players see a figure knitting a doll (presumably, this is Gwen) who is then in the background of a couple (again, guessing these two are Isolde and Viego). The woman, Isolde, fades away and dies and Gwen is locked into a box. The box then fades into a sickly green glow, which resembles the black magic of the Shadow Isles, indicating some sort of magic imbued in Gwen.

It seems that the box containing the doll was thrown into the ocean, waiting for that soul seen in the Ruination. Once the soul manages to find Gwen, it appears that Isolde is able to come back to life in some form. What form that might be, though, is still unclear.

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It is clear, however, that Gwen will be the “tailor-made” AP fighter that Riot teased at the start of the season. With her now being confirmed to be a doll with the soul of a seamstress inside her, there are many avenues Riot could take with her kit. She might have a transformation like Jayce or some morphing abilities like Annie’s Tibbers. Either way, players will be on the lookout for the full reveal of Gwen’s kit, which should come soon.