LoL Guide: How To Play Annie (Items, Runes, Tips & Tricks)

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Gameplay Tips

1. Annie is extremely reliant on having her Flash and ultimate abilities up in order to succeed. When you have either available, you can potentially take a good fight and if you have both you should be looking to fight. Otherwise, you should be trying to farm minions with your Q – Disintegrate and scale into the mid/late games when Annie really comes online.

2. Whenever you’re fighting, make sure you have your passive’s stun primed to use on your next ability. One trick you can do is to hold your passive on two stacks so you can combo two spells (like Molten Shield and Tibbers!) to get the stun off on unsuspecting enemies who won’t think you can stun them that quickly.

3. As Annie, your early game is quite weak since you will run out of mana quickly and have little reliable waveclear. This means that you cannot (and should not) push waves and be looking to roam or make plays around Scuttle Crab (ping your jungler). Just sit back under tower and farm with Qs until you can get your ultimate.

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4. You can flank from out of vision (which is a good argument for taking sweeper) or simply play teamfights like a mage (front to back). Remember, your primary goal is to get a rotation of spells out, then back off until you have your spells (and your stun) back up and can do damage again.

5. Use your E – Molten Shield to stack your passive when you have downtime in lane or on your way to teamfights.

6. You can proc the stun while Q is in the air. On two charges of your passive, you can throw your Q and, before it hits you can W/E to make the Q stun.

7. Tibbers will heal when you exit combat and he will snap back to you once you move a certain distance away from him. A good strategy is, if Tibbers is getting low, to run away far enough that he blinks back to you and gets a chance to heal. You can also send him one direction and run the opposite direction to increase the tether length and he’ll pop back to you.

8. Tibbers also becomes enraged when you stun enemies, increasing his attack speed and movement speed. Make sure to target key enemies in teamfights with your Disintegrate and Incinerate to turn Tibbers on them.

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9. In lane, you can also send Tibbers into the brush to have him act as a pseudo ward while pushing your wave. You can also “hide” him there to charge your stun, walk out of tether range, stun the enemy champion, and Tibbers will blink back to you and become enraged targeting that enemy.

10. You can also use Tibbers to tank tower shots while waiting for a wave to arrive, to block skillshots, and to tank waves/jungle camps.