League of Legends: DAMWON World Champions Skins Announced

Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games.
Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games. /

One of the highlights of winning the League of Legends World Championship is having a skin line dedicated to the team that wins it. Even hours after the trophy has been lifted the speculation begins as to which champions will receive the skins. Well, now players stop speculating now as we now know which champions have been chosen by 2020 World Champion Damwon Gaming.

The splash art for these new skins as been released so we now know the five champions selected to become skins. Get ready for DAMWON (or DWG KIA) Kennen, Leona, Nidalee, Twisted Fate, and Jhin.

The Kennen skin is pretty sharp-looking. The blue and white color scheme fits in with the lightning motif of the champion. Kennen was one of Nuguri’s most played champions at the event, so I can see why it was selected. I think it will sell pretty well.

Check out the upcoming DAMWON World Championship skins!

Leona will be the skin for support player BeryL. Pantheon was one of his most played during the tournament, though with Pantheon getting moved out of the support role the skin had to go elsewhere. Leona gets another great-looking skin in short order. Feels bad for you’re wallet if you’re a Leona main, but with Leona still a strong presence in the meta I think this skin will be very popular once it releases.

For the jungler Canyon we have a Nidalee skin.  It does look a bit like Dawn Bringer Nidalee, but both still look beautiful. I think this one will be enough to stand out from all the other Nidalee skin options and we should see this one quite a bit.

Then we have Twisted Fate, which was Showmaker’s signature pick and no surprise they added it to the line. This one looks a bit similar in color to Pulsefire, but I don’t see why it won’t be worth picking up. TF players should be happy with this one.

Then the final DAMWON skin is going to Jhin. This is Jhin’s second skin related to a Worlds win.  This one definitely is a unique look to it compared to all other Jhin skins.

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Overall I’m really excited for this line to drop. The esports skins usually are one of the better ones during the year and I think this will continue that trend. So DAMWON fans should have a nice keepsake for their championship win.