LCS Summer Split Week 1: Gwen Makes A Big Statement

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

I can’t stress this enough, Gwen has been terrorizing the LCS all weekend. If we’re talking hyper carry potential, the Hallowed Seamstress has shown and proved that she’s an absolute giant in the current pro meta. If there was a big play that took place during the first week of Summer Split you can bet that there was a Gwen somewhere nearby.

Gwen leaves her mark on the LCS.

If you were tuned into the stream, you know too well that there are Gwen highlights in just about every single game that she was selected. There’d be even more if she wasn’t banned out of every game that she didn’t make it in.

When we saw Gwen however it was a really one-sided affair. On June 5. during the second day there were 6 solo kills made all day, half of which were from Licorice on the hallowed seamstress where he went 6/0/6. She’s found her home in the top lane, but in light of all this newfound success moving forward we may see some nerfs come out from the team at Riot to bring her down to earth.

Firstly, her early game pressure is bonkers. Looking back on the Flyquest vs. CLG game Licorice was able to really press the issue against Finn. As Gangplank Finn attempted to hold her back from farming with his barrels but spent a lot of his time hugging his turret thanks to the range of Snip Snip! (Q). Gwen’s range allowed Licorice to sit right outside of the turret’s circle and still deal damage to GP while he attempted to farm. The threat of that true damage made Finn back off even while under turret resulting in the loss of some valuable CS.

The invulnerability from her Hallowed Mist (W) is proving to be much more of a nuisance than anyone could’ve anticipated. Although 5 seconds may seem like an instant it’s more than enough time for players to do the big damage they need and with the option to move the mist it turns team fights into a real problem. And we saw some big team play happens with that mist at the center of them.

Overall, there were several champions that made big statements this weekend. The only one that may possibly stack up to the overwhelming presence felt by Gwen was probably Viego. Nonetheless, the hope is that this won’t be the last of Gwen that we see since she’s sure to be a target of many bans moving forward. The LCS started off with a bang, this is sure to be an interesting Summer Split as the road to the world championship starts now.