League of Legends: Weekly Free Champion Ranking (7/13 – 7/20)

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

As always with the free champion rotation, League gives players a chance to try their hand at each role to see where they feel most comfortable. This week features some Meta-darlings and a few fan favorites for players but with that being the case it isn’t very likely that you don’t already have at least a few of these champions available to you. However, for those who don’t this’ll be a really fun week.

To give newer players a better idea of what champions they should be gravitating towards we’ll be singling out the best in each role and ranking their counterparts. The ranking will be based on: Difficulty (How easy it is to pick up and play), Pick Rate (How often is this champion picked in the current patch), Versatility (How well this champion can adjust to different roles), Cost (How much blue essence required for you to purchase this champion), and Replayability (Likelihood you will want to come back to this champion in the future).

Each of our rankings will be based on a 1-5 level scale, with level 5 being the best for new players. Here’s our ranking for this week’s free champion rotation.

Free Champion Rotation Ranking For Jul 13. – Jul 20.

Best Mid Laner – Yasuo

Difficulty (2); Don’t let the one-tricks fool you. It takes a lot of time, patience, and understanding to pull off some of the ridiculous plays you see on your screen.

Pick Rate (4); He’s often a highly sought-after champion and for good reason. It’s a blast playing him.

Versatility (3); You’ll often see him played in the mid-lane but if by some chance you have to flex to top he’ll fit depending on the matchup.

Cost (3); For 4800 BE, you’ll have to save a pretty penny for Yasuo.

Replayability (5); It’ll take a few games to get adjusted but I guarantee once you get the hang of this champion you’ll never want to put him down.

2. Ziggs

Difficulty (5); Ziggs is an extremely straightforward champion, low-risk high reward.

Pick Rate (2); In low-tier, you’ll rarely ever see Ziggs, but the higher-elo players find him extremely effective after his most recent buff.

Versatility (4); As it stands Ziggs is one of the best AD Carries and Mid Laners in the game so you’ll get a lot of use out of him.

Cost (3); 4800 BE, it’ll be worth it but you’ll have to save up that essence.

Replayability (3); While he is really good, whether you come back to this champ really depends on if you land your skillshots effectively. It can be quite frustrating if you don’t.

3. Veigar

Difficulty (5); With Veigar you get what you see.

Pick Rate (3); His pick rate is pretty low right now but that’s mainly because there are other champions that fit the meta better than him right now.

Versatility (1); It’s mid-lane or bust for this champion.

Cost (4); You won’t have to play much to acquire the 1350 BE required to unlock this champion.

Replayability (3); Similar to Ziggs, whether you’ll come back to this champ will all depend on your ability to hit your skill shots.

4. Zoe

Difficulty (2); Zoe’s kit requires a little faith. She has a sort of slow and steady playstyle that’ll pay off if you take your time to outplay your opponent.

Pick Rate (2); She doesn’t get picked often

Versatility (3); In certain instances, you may be able to get away with a Zoe support but it’s not really worth it when there are better picks

Cost (1); As one of the newer champions you’ll need 6300 BE to purchase her. That’s not really worth it unless you really click with this champ.

Replayability (1); The likelihood of anyone coming back to this champ is slim to none. But there’s a one-trick for everything, so if you really like her more power to you.

Best Top Laner – Garen

Difficulty (5); Luckily, this is one of the most basic champions in the game.

Pick Rate (5); Players love Garen right now, he’s one of the highest-picked top laners in the game right now.

Versatility (1); You won’t normally find Garen outside of the top lane, he’s amazing in his role though.

Cost (5); 450 BE, enough said.

Replayability (4); Garen is an easy pick up and play champion. You’ll absolutely want to come back especially after some success with him. But, he’s so straightforward that to some it might get boring.

2. Malphite

Difficulty (5); You’ll probably master Malphite before you even have enough BE to buy him

Pick Rate (5); This is one of the champs that recieves a lot of love on all levels of the game.

Versatility (2); You won’t see Malphite outside of the top lane. Every now and then you’ll  support Malph in the bottom lane.

Cost (4); 1350 BE isn’t a steep price at all for this champion, it’s 100% worth it.

Replayability (4); He’s one of the best AP top laners in the game if you want to play top you’ll def want to make sure he’s in your roster.

3. Maokai

Difficulty (5); Maokai gives it to you straight up. Slows and lockdowns is the entire game.

Pick Rate (3); Players use Maokai, but he’s situational pick mainly around the teams need.

Versatility (3); Maokai is an amazing top laner but his kit also makes him a viable support champion.

Cost (3); 4800 BE is a high price, but this champion is incredibly solid.

Replayability (3); Maokai is a slow starter, if you’re a more gungho type of player he may turn you off. But, if you’re willing to play the long-game you might’ve found one of your favorite champions in the game.

4. Kled

Difficulty (2); Kled will require you to manage yourself and your mount. You’ll be limited once you lose him and as such your playstyle must adjust.

Pick Rate (3); Right now Kled doesn’t get much love in High-Elo but players are making great use of him in the lower tiers.

Versatility (1); You won’t find much use for him outside of the top lane.

Cost (2); Although he’s 6300 BE, you’ll get some solid use out of him.

Replayability (2); It’s really hard to say whether players will want to come back to him. He’s not the greatest pick but he’s not the worst either.

Best Jungler – Evelynn

Difficulty (2); It’ll take some time to get used to her. She’s a squishy jungler with huge gank potential.

Pick Rate (4); Evelynn is a viable pick at all levels of play.

Versatility (1); Like most jungle champs you won’t see her outside of that role. Unless there’s a huge change in the meta.

Cost (4); 1350 BE isn’t breaking the bank for her

Replayability (3); With the way she moves through the map you’ll have a blast playing Eve. But like I said she’s squishy so that high-risk high-reward playstyle will be really fun for a lot of players.

2. Lillia

Difficulty (1); New players will have a really hard time adjusting to Lillia’s playstyle

Pick Rate (3); Players in high-elo use her more than lower tiers but that doesn’t make her any less of a strong pick

Versatility (1): She doesn’t see much action outside of the jungle.

Cost (1):  For 6300 BE you’ll want to be sure you’re willing to learn this champion before you

Replayability (3); Honestly, you’ll get some really good play out of her but it’ll take some time to figure out how to pull the most from her. Like a lot of the newer champions theres a lot of technical aspects to her kit that might scare some people away.

3. Vi

Difficulty (2); Vi is a simpler jungler but your biggest strength will be to learn your combos. Ganking will rely on landing your gap closer but with the time it takes to load up you’ll have the master your timing.

Pick Rate (3); Vi is regularly a pretty solid choice for a jungler even if she’s not the best choice.

Versatility (1); You won’t see her outside of the jungle.

Cost (3); For 4800 BE you’ll get a lot of value out of Vi.

Replayability (4); Vi has a pretty unique playstyle so it’ll take a little time to get used to but after you land that first combo you won’t want to look back.

Best AD Carry – Ashe

Difficulty (5); Ashe is one of the easiest champions to play out of the whole roster. You’ll have a blast.

Pick Rate (5); Right now she’s one of the highest picked ADC’s in all tiers.

Versatility (1); It’s ADC or bust for this champion

Cost (5); Ashe is dirt cheap. For 450 BE, you’re getting an absolute beast.

Replayability (5); It’s as simple as point and click. I promise that you’ll be hitting those long range arrows in no time.

2. Miss Fortune

Difficulty (5); Miss Fortune is another one of those pick up and play champions that is a guranteed blast.

Pick Rate (3); Right now MF doesn’t get much play in high-ELO but in the lower ranks she’s still a beast.

Versatility (1); Strictly bot lane.

Cost (3); 3150 BE is a lot but for the payoff you should pick up this champion even if she was 6300.

Replayability (4); She requires a little more effort than Ashe but not so much that you’ll be discouraged from playing her. He big play potential alone is enough to keep anyone coming back.

Best Support – Sona

Difficulty (5); Sona is one of the most straight forward supports available. You’ll just need to have situational awarness to effectively use your songs.

Pick Rate (3); She isn’t the most picked support right now but her win rate is still one of the highest amongst the field.

Versatility (1); There was a time when Sona top was a thing, those times are no more. You should expect her in the bot lane if she’s ever getting picked.

Cost (3); It’ll take sp,e time to put together the 3150 BE you’ll need to purchase Sona but her value definitely goes beyond that price.

Replayability (4); Not many people like support because it’s a role that requires you to do all the little things. But if this is the role for you, you’ll have a hard time keeping away from Sona.

2. Rell

Difficulty (4); Rell will require some slight management of her mounted and armor forms but outside of that she’s easy to pick up.

Pick Rate (4); Rell is one of the higher picked supports.

Versatility (1); You won’t see her outside of the bot lane.

Cost (2); Rell is a good support but at 6300 BE you could find a bunch of better champions to fill the same role.

Replayability (3); You’ll want to play more of Rell but thinking about your approach when considering your mounted and armor forms might not be for everyone.