Legends of Runeterra: One Deck You Should Be Using Right Now

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Here’s the deck you should be using right now in Legends of Runeterra.

If you feel like you’ve hit the ceiling with your current deck here’s a recommendation that might help you climb a little bit higher. If you haven’t tried Zed/Sivir yet let this be your call to action in trying one of the best aggro decks in the game. You’re sure to put together a decent number of wins even on your worst day with this super fun combo deck.

Deck Build

Champions (5)

Zed x3

Sivir x2

Followers (19)

Inspiring Mentor x2

Dune Keeper x3

Rock Hopper x3

2 Young Witch x2

Merciless Hunter x3

Profiteer x1

Golden Ambassador x2

Ruin Runner x3

Spells (14)

Shaped Stone x3

Ruthless Predator x2

The Absolver x3

3 Flurry of Fists x2

Twin Disciplines x2

Spirit’s Refuge x2

Landmarks (2)

Inner Sanctum x2

Deck Breakdown

So like I explained earlier this deck is an aggro combo deck for Zed and Sivir. This deck is a double-edged sword you’ll be able to wipe out enemies in a blink but you can also be taken down incredibly quick as well. This low-budget deck is built around buffing your allies into big damage threats that are too strong for your enemies to handle. You’ll strike hard and fast, so before you even realize the game will be over.

Synergy is key here, to draw out the maximum potential from this deck you’ll need to pay good attention to your keywords and use them to plan out your attack. There are a lot of powerful ones in this deck and the way you use them will help decide your victory or defeat.


Budget Build (No Epics Required)

Starts off Really Strong

Strong Keyword Synergy


Bad Start Is Extremely Hard To Recover

Very Champion Reliant

If you’re looking for a fast and fun way to spice up your experience try out this deck. You might be surprised at how much fun you can have rushing down your opponents. Let us know what your experience was like.