Worlds 2021: Rogue Advances To Worlds Group Stage

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The Worlds action hasn’t even kicked off yet and Rogue advances from the play-in into the group stage.

Although Worlds has yet to officially start, Rogue has now officially advanced to the Worlds group stage. Thanks to an unfortunate technicality they’ll be bypassing the play-in getting them one step closer to taking home the title. This was a shocking change but couldn’t be helped, now we just have to wait and see what kind of noise they make on the big stage.

Rogue will be taking one of the spots initially intended for two teams coming out of the VCS this year. Due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions in Vietnam the region will be unable to send a representative to the World Championships this year similar to last year’s Worlds and MSI earlier this year. It was thought the VCS was going to send their two strongest teams to compete despite not conducting Spring Split but that couldn’t be worked out and now the VCS will be forced to sit out of yet another international tournament.

It’s important that teams don’t take Rogue lightly even though they advance on a technicality. Rogue finished the Summer Split as the #1 seed in their region before unfortunate sweeps from Fnatic and MAD Lions sent them home in third place at the LEC Playoffs. This is one of the strongest and most consistent teams coming out of the EU region and whoever is in their group should be aware of that. Rogue definitely has the potential to take it all we’ll just have to see if they can make it happen.

However, they’ll need to stay sharp to keep up with the competition. The last that we saw of them was not impressive in the slightest. It’ll take more than what they put forth in the LEC Playoffs to get them past some of the juggernauts they’ll be facing on the international level. We’ll have all our answers on Oct 5 when 2021 Worlds kicks off.

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