League of Legends: Astronaut Veigar Bug Making Skin Pay2Win

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Astronaut Veigar bug is pay2win currently, players are waiting for Riot to do something.

The newest Veigar skin comes with a huge bug that has players up in arms. Riot will likely get this bug patched out with the upcoming 11.19 update that’s set to release on Sept 22. This has the potential to be game breaking and with it causing so much of a fuss in casual play it would be a shame if something so detrimental made it to international competition.

"Astronaut Veigar is a Pay2Win Skin. Event Horizon lasts longer than intended. Both of these occured during the same game. from leagueoflegends"

For those who were unaware, as it stands Astronaut Veigar has a bug that makes the Event Horizon (E) hitbox last longer than the animation itself. This will seriously impact gameplay and player experience. Right now a ton of players are begging Riot to implement a fix.

In the video, we see multiple cases where both Akshan and Lee Sin are stopped dead in their tracks because of this bug. There’s no clear indication of how long the hitbox lasts but it’s clear that after the move disappears players are still getting stunned by walking into its range.

Veigar is extremely busted right now and until Riot fixes the bug that isn’t going to change. In these clips, players aren’t taking advantage of the exploit but as soon as others catch wind of what’s going on it’s sure to turn this into a way bigger situation than what’s going on right now.

The Astronaut Veigar skin was one of the newest skins to be added to the game. Not only is it really cool but with a bug like this going around players are sure to want to pick this up before it gets patched out. But bug or not players should definitely pick up this skin since it’s one of the best for this champion.

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