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Full notes and discussion of League of Legends patch 11.19

It’s finally here, League of Legends patch 11.19 will be the final patch before Worlds 2021. With it, we’ll be getting a ton of changes, some new cosmetics, and the arrival of a highly anticipated new champion. This is gearing up to be an action-packed few weeks ahead leading into the World Championships and with the stage set let’s get into the notes for the next update.

Patch 11.19 Full Notes

New Champions


Champion Nerfs


Q Damage: From 85-265 + 80% AP to 75-255 + 75% AP


Q AP Ratio: From 45% to 40%; E Cooldown: From 3.25-2.25 to 3.5-2.5


Armor: From 28 to 26; Q no longer hits enemies Sona cannot see; E Power Chord Slow doesn’t ignore reducing effects.


R Heal: From 150-350 to130-300


Q Cooldown: From 16-10 to 16-12

Champion Buffs


W Cooldown: From 26-14 to 20-14


Base HP5: From 8 to 9; HP per lvl: From 0.5 to 0.9


Q Cooldown: From 7 to 6


11.18 Changes reverted; E Cooldown: From 16-10 to16-8


W Cooldown: From 18 to 18-16


W AP Ratio: From 60% to 70%


Base HP5: From 7 to 8.5


E Cooldown: From 22-10 to 18-10


Passive Cooldown: From 16/12/8 to 13/10/7 (based on lvl)


Q Monster Damage: From 125% to 150%; Q+E more forgiving for short dashes


HP: From 575 to 590; HP per lvl: From 87 to 92; W animation sped up by 13%; Lockout: From 0.52s to 0.37s


Cooldown: From 20-12 to 18-12; Damage: From 80-280 to 90-290


R Cooldown: From 180-120 to 160-100


W Shield: From 50-150 to 60-160


Base Mana: From 280 to 310; Base MP5: 7 to 8

System Changes

URF Returns

Balance Reset

Meowch: Yummi retains -15% Outgoing damage, +20% Damage taken, -30% Healing


Shield Reduction: 50% ratio reduction to 30% overall reduction

Lane Minion Gold Values

Caster Minion Base Rewards: 21 gold to 19.6 gold (14 gold in SR)

Melee Minion Base Rewards: 27 gold to 29.4 gold (21 gold in SR)

Siege Minion Base Rewards: 100 gold to 84 gold (60 gold in SR)

Worlds Clash

Heading into Worlds players will be able to form teams for the clash starting on Sept 27. Matches will take place on Oct 2 and Oct 3. Along with the standard trophy, banner, and logo Clash rewards, Worlds Clash grants an additional Loot Capsule containing:

1st place

(both Basic and Premium tickets): (1) Worlds Event Orb + (1) Random Championship Skin Permanent + (1) 2021 Dragonmancer Clash Icon

2nd – 7th place 

(Premium tickets): (1) Random Championship Skin Permanent + (1) 2021 Dragonmancer Clash Icon

8th – 15th place 

(Premium tickets): (1) Random Championship Skin Shard + (1) 2021 Dragonmancer Clash Icon

All other Worlds Clash Participants

(both Premium and Basic tickets): (1) 2021 Dragonmancer Clash Icon

AFK Penalties


5 minute queue delay for 5 games


10 minute queue delay for 5 games


15 minute queue delay for 5 games

TIER 4 [New]

15 minute queue delay for 5 games + 24 hour queue lockout

TIER 5 [New]

15 minute queue delay for 5 games + 3 day queue lockout

TIER 6 [New]

15 minute queue delay for 5 games + 7 day queue lockout

TIER 7 [New]

15 minute queue delay for 5 games + 2 week queue lockout

League Client

Fixed a bug where some players’ screens would freeze when viewing runes during Champ Select or in Collections

Fixed a bug to significantly reduce the time spent “Waiting for Stats” after the end of a game

The menu that appears upon right-clicking a friend’s name in the Social Panel will correctly persist until you select an action or click out of it

Sounds from the Social Panel (such as messages and clicks) will play consistently again

QOL Changes

Fiora’s base voice lines have been remastered to sound clearer and more consistent

Several Predator keystone tooltips have been corrected to reflect its changes in patch 11.18

Nasus’s Q – Siphoning Strike now triggers item effects that occur upon dealing ability damage (such as Luden’s Tempest or Tear of the Goddess)

Fixed a bug where Irelia’s Q – Bladesurge would sometimes (though very rarely) deal double damage

Fixed a bug where, if Akshan’s E – Heroic Swing was cast and did not hook onto terrain while his Q – Avengerang was out, he would be able to cast another Q – Avengerang immediately

Braum’s E – Unbreakable will correctly block the damage dealt by Jayce’s Q – Shock Blast if it’s the first instance of damage dealt by a champion on his shield

Fixed a bug where Malzahar’s Passive – Void Shift did not correctly reduce damage on attacks or abilities that trigger Night Harvester’s Soulrend passive

Fixed a bug where, when emerging from Fog of War, Aurelion Sol’s Q – Starsurge visual effects would go out of sync and appear further away than it actually was

Fixed a bug where, if Taliyah casted Q – Threaded Volley on Worked Ground without moving, she was unable to cast her Q again until her passive cooldown reset

Eclipse no longer grants omnivamp against targetable champion-created objects such as Gangplank’s barrels and Teemo’s mushrooms

Doran’s Blade and Ravenous Hunter no longer grant physical vamp against wards

Ornn’s upgraded version of Riftmaker, Icathia’s Curse, now correctly grants 8 AP per Legendary item

Fixed a bug where the bonus damage on Prowler’s Claw’s Sandswipe active would not trigger if used at too close of a range

Fixed a bug where getting hit by Bard’s R – Tempered Fate right before activating Prowler’s Claw’s Sandswipe active would make abilities uncastable once the stasis expires

Fixed a bug where Night Harvester’s Soulrend passive would not trigger against enemy champions who were in stasis when the item was purchased

Fixed a bug where, if a champion purchased Frozen Heart while dead, its Winter’s Caress passive would activate on champions who were recently hit by the purchaser

Fixed a bug where Irelia’s blades would not change color when she had 4 stacks of Passive – Ionian Fervor


Dawnbringer Vex (8 Chromas)

Dawnbringer Morgana (8 Chromas)

Dawnbringer Yone (6 Chromas)

Nightbringer Tryndamere (8 Chromas)

Nightbringer Lillia (8 Chromas)

Nightbringer Kayn (5 Chromas)

Nightbringer Kayn Prestige Edition

Worlds 2021 Jarvan IV (4 Chromas)

The champion changes in 11.19 are most definitely the highlight. With the current double support enchanter bot lane meta, it was extremely important that Riot did something to both Sona and Soraka before things got out of hand.

Players should be really excited about the changes as Riot looks to make the game the most balanced that it’s been in a long time. The variety that’ll be on display at Worlds 2021 will be absolutely shocking so make sure to tune in once the action starts on Oct 5. It would be amazing for us to see Vex’s competitive debut happen on the biggest stage possible.

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