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Takeaways from the new “Arcane” teaser trailer and VO cast.

The highly-anticipated collaboration between Riot Games and Netflix titled “Arcane” has just released a new teaser trailer giving fans a quick look at some of the champions that will likely play an integral role in the series. Amongst the clear characters, there are also a few unknown faces that’ll add to the mystery behind this show. With the extensive roster that League of Legends has to offer it’s extremely possible that we’ll be seeing a lot more familiar faces as the episodes progress.

Based on the announcement of the official voice acting cast for the show, the champions that we’ll be seeing as main characters will be [1] Vi (VA: Hailee Steinfeld), [2] Jinx (VA: Ella Purnell), Jayce (VA: Kevin Alejandro), [5] Caitlyn (VA: Katie Leung), and [3] Viktor (VA: Harry Lloyd). Each of these characters looks distinctly different from their in-game character models, likely because the show is supposed to be a prequel to the game. We’ll likely see an evolution from these characters as the show progresses.

Some of the more mysterious additions to the cast are [4] Mel (VA: Toks Olagundoye), [7] Vander (VA: J.B Blanc), and [8] Silco (VA: Jason Spisak). There’s been a lot of speculation surrounding each of these characters since the list has been released. With Silco holding the super serum in the final character reveal of the trailer it’s possible that he could be a henchman of Singed or even worse the mad chemist himself based on the mutation of his eye in the final moments. Not much is known about Vander, but Reddit user OceanMaster69 along with a few others suspect that he may be the pre-wolf iteration of Warwick. If that’s true it could be possible that we’ll see some dark themes implemented into the series since Warwick was created as a result of Singed’s vile experiments.

Arcane is shaping up to be a great show for LoL fans and casual watchers alike. Netflix will likely pull out all of the stops for this and with previous success with shows like Castlevania and Blood of Zeus the sky is the limit for where this show could go. Although there isn’t any word of when the show is expected to be released, there will be a new trailer coming out on Sep 25 that’ll likely provide answers. It’s finally here folks, the LoL Animated Universe is right around the corner.

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