Why Netflix “Arcane” Viktor Doesn’t Look Like The Champion

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If Viktor’s new look in Arcane is tripping you up here’s the reason why he doesn’t resemble the in-game champion

If you were confused by the splash art of Viktor for the new Netflix series “Arcane” doesn’t resemble the champion in League of Legends you’ve come to the right place to gain some clarity. Let me start by saying, you are not going crazy that is indeed the same Viktor from the game. Riot’s new collaboration with Netflix is a series that is based heavily in the lore, so while there will be champion appearances they may not be exactly the champions that players are accustomed to seeing.

Arcane takes place prior to the current timeline of the League of Legends. So, although Viktor’s appearance may shock some familiar with the character this is actually what he originally looked like. His metal plating and body could’ve had some peg him as a robot but in reality, he’s a cyborg. A man with metal augments who’s been remade from head to toe. How he got to that point, well some may find it interesting that he actually did it all to himself.

In the LoL universe, Viktor is actually one of the brightest minds of all characters, which fits since Nikola Tesla was the inspiration behind the champion. In a stroke of brilliance, he created Blitzcrank to combat a chemical spill that happened in Zaun. However, the credit for his work was ultimately stolen from him by Professor Stanwick. The resentment he felt afterward pushed him to work himself to a point past perfection but the one thing he always couldn’t work around was human error. Thus, he rid himself of it by augmenting his body with machines piece-by-piece till he was without error.

Before making Blitzcrank, Viktor worked side-by-side with Jayce. They’d often buttheads but ultimately had mutual respect for each other as scientists. With both of them being integral pieces in the Arcane cast it’s possible that we’ll see this evolution take place right before our eyes. There’s no telling whether he’ll become full machine by the time is done but it’s possible we’ll see the first experiments on his body take place. Maybe even a cameo of ‘Prototype Viktor’ for a little fan service.

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