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Trick or Treat? The Bewitching Skin Set is now live on the PBE

In the spirit of Halloween Riot has decided to drop some frightening new skins on the PBE. The Bewitching skin set is looking to add some fright to the champion cosmetic sets. With new and improved animations these skins are must have’s for anyone collection whether these are your mains or not.

The champions that’ll receive a new skin in the collection are Poppy, Yuumi, Fiora, Nami, and Syndra. Morganna will also be receiving a prestige edition skin to join the Bewitched. There’s a clear theme here with each of the characters being given a cool witches costume and haunted pumpkin in accessory to accompany them in some fashion. It looks like Riot pulled out all the stops to give players a great treat.

These skins are all extremely diverse. But the one that stands out the most is clearly the Morganna prestige skin. Her all-white wardrobe sets her apart from the rest of the pack with a light aura surrounding her individual moves. The poses she makes each have different variations based on the skill used, this really showcases the subtle details that Riot did when designing her model. Everyone’s got to get their hands on this Morganna skin when it goes live.

Like most of the new skin sets the animations for this are absolutely jaw-dropping. Riot didn’t pull any punches in their attempt to make all the moves incredibly unique. Some of the standout animations are Nami’s ultimate where there’s a ghostly shark in the center of the wave, Syndra’s orbs that do not ghost pumpkins that laugh and look around while idle, and Fiora’s recall where she does a few tricks tossing around balancing a pumpkin in the air before summoning it as her minion.

This Bewitched collection continues Riot’s run of really amazing cosmetics. It’d be wise not to miss out on the festivities after they release.

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