G2 Fielding Buyouts For Grabbz, Milkyx, and Wunder

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G2 looking for offseason buyouts of Grabbz, Milkyx, and Wudner

In an attempt to retool G2 is in talks with multiple LEC teams about buyouts for Grabbz, Milkyx, and Wunder from their main roster. Putting two of their stars and head coach on the market comes as a huge surprise following a second place finish in the Summer Split. However, maybe their quick exit from the playoffs sparked something in upper management that prompted a retooling of the team.

According to DotEsports, G2 has been requesting millions from teams in return for buyouts of their star support and top laner. While the big numbers do pop out it’s 100% in-line with these players values on the Rift. Both Wunder and G2 are two of the best in their individual roles and will be great assets to any team willing to pick them up.

But despite their value as players it doesn’t negate the fact that they were bounced from the LEC playoffs and forced to miss Worlds for the first time in 5 years. With their team being so stacked that had to be a crushing blow for the franchsie. But, even though they’re morgaging what they already have in place they will still be in good shape retaining their midlaner Rasmus ‘Caps’ Borregaard Winther and their star jungler Marcin ‘Jankos’ Jankowski who is set to resign with the team soon.

This is a bad look for G2 Esports coming off of the allegations from MAD Lions of them tampering. The plan to get rid of these contracts is undoubtebly something that’s been in the works for a while, at least since they’ve entered their offseason.

Milkyx and Wunder are each still under contract through 2022, so if they’re not bought out they’ll remain on the roster for another year. But after everything that’s went on let’s hope that they’ll be able to find a home on a willing team without any hiccup.

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