Wild Rift: High Noon Lucian and Senna Mosey On To The Rift

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Welcome to the Wild Wild Rift.

On Sept 22 the new High Noon Lucian and Senna skins went live in League of Legends Wild Rift. Adapted from the base game these skins are making their debut on the mobile game and adding some more variety to these champions who are very limited in options. These skins are a must if you play these champions, it’s time to turn the Rift into the Wild Wild West.

Lucian, the dual-wielding gunslinger is flipping the script and going full-on Cowboy with this skin. His usual trench coal has a new jacket-esk look to it with razor-sharp edges to match the Desperado hat that casually atop his head. The two holsters hanging from his waist hold his pistols which have been redesigned as Flintlocks. This is without a doubt his best skin in Wild Rift, if you’re looking to customize your Lucian this is the way to go.

Senna’s look is absolutely menacing, and with the thigh-high boots to compliment the bandit look that she has. She has a red glow coming from her chest and eye that makes her look devilish. Not sure if this can claim the title of best skin though, her True Damage skin is still a great pickup.

Each of these champions only has one alternate skin so the High Noon additions were definitely needed. Hopefully, they’ll be getting some more in the near future but until then let’s enjoy the High Noon collection.

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